Alot of Bots = Alot of RMT

AGS/Smilegate may be doing their best effort to fight bots but the same cannot be said about RMTers. 0 news about RMTers being permabanned.

These people are ruining the end game market with their cheap gold.

Botting and RMTing efforts should go hand in hand. Please give us some feedback on your efforts against RMTers.


people RMT only getting 3 days ban, it doesn’t affect them at all since they can easily buy 3 months worth of gold to spend and only cost them 3 days banned


i reported a Rmter who bought 100 millions gold from bots last week, this guy still playing and still buying gold


Don’t they also remove the gold? Or give them negative balance?

They have commented before saying this is something they “can do”, but their wording is a bit indicative as it’s not something they HAVE done.

They only catch a few drops in a bucket full of water if you look at other places on the internet.

I don’t believe they can currently do this at all. Everything points to them not having the capabilities, regardless if thats manpower or technology to do so. By the looks of it RMT and botting are seen as two different things, RMT can be something done even from a smaller 1-man seller, while botting is large scale and affecting servers on a different level. So it would seem RMT itself is kinda ignored (atleast judging from what people are saying in regards to lenient bans/ppl not getting banned at all) and instead the focus is 100% on the bots who are printing the gold.

It’s a weird approach to put it mildly, and the only explanation I can see for doing so would be that going for buyers probably would take more resources than the other option. So it’s a question of costs?

Again, the self-proclaimed transparency would be nice here. Naturally not going to happen on this kind of topic, and it probably won’t be adressed until some big content creator actually reveals that this is RMT paradise.


This other thread makes sense in regards to manpower:

How on earth do you know someone who bought 100m gold? Surely that would be ten’s of thousands of dollars and about as obvious as a nuclear strike?

I don’t think they do anything against RTM people I mean everyone know people like that and I never heard about a ban or something

this guy is a streamer. he introduced his fans to shop bots gold and showed off his acc with 8 1490 alts

the only reason i havent RMT’d yet is because its pretty expensive lol

There’s enough RMT floating around in the game, clearly, otherwise there would not be as many bots generating the gold to sell. People buy because gold is king in Lost Ark, and it’s a pain to generate it legitimately. It’s a core game design element to make gold king in the game (it’s intended to drive revenue for the game as well), so that won’t go away.

It’s hard to stop the transfer side and the buyer side in an efficient way – it’s labor intensive. It’s “easier” from a process/cost point of view to work on ways to cut down on the bots that generate the gold to begin with, to cut down on the supply, raise the price of RMT gold, and make it less attractive to players than it now is when compared to in-game gold prices (and the cost of buying gold indirectly from AGS/SG).

I get the feeling this is exactly AGS/SG:s point of view. And for 3 months ALL their efforts has been fruitless, so I wonder how long it will take until they will start re-evaluating their approach to this problem.

Ban RMT players for 7 to 14 day and give them negative balance. That will fix things up.

2 strikes policy please.

First time short ban.

Second time permanent account closure.

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I’d say it should be more like first time, you get zeroed out balance, all but one character reset to level 1, emptied inventories and mats, and a short ban. Second time, account closure, VAC ban on Steam.

The more they nerf gold acquisition while not decreasing costs of various gold sinks (T3 honing), the more people will likely turn to RMT or outright quit. This shouldn’t be hard for anyone that lives in the real world to see.

I agree that they need to perma ban RMT buyers. I also think they should revert gold from rapport and early quest rewards and should increase the gold people can get by honest means.

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1490? I didn’t even know your ilevel could go that high. As a 1400 Paladin I’m now sad :smiling_face_with_tear:

Roxx said ‘they can do’ in response to someone asking if they can set negative gold but claims that they always remove the gold that they RMT’ed.

An official reply would be nice. Apart from those Roxx comments(months ago?), I haven’t seen them doing/saying anything about it.

Is our only hope in this game for them giving it attention is for big personalities to bring it to their attention?