Alright I give up

Yes i am making a “i uninstall” post if you have problem with that i dont really care.
All this gambling honing all this daily grind and for what? I just checked all upcoming new content and its more or less same stuff with different look which is not bad thing for some but not for me.
Especially not worth it for me to burn through my lifeforce to push through. I know many will think this as negative or im just hater but i think this a really good game and i can understand why someone will love it and thinks it worth his time. So good luck to everyone.

Adios. Peace


Bye bye :kissing_heart:


Im amazed how u played that game for 3 months and didnt know what to expect while the game is already fully released in KR


People keep saying Legion Raids are the thing that got the game popular in Korea so maybe you could take a break and try those out later on.


This is shaping up to be the best patch that has come to Lost Ark since release. If that doesn’t excite you, you’re better off uninstalling.


Agreed, i cant think of a negative besides the lack of communication on the power passes.


What did you expect? Space battles?


All MMOs are repetitive in that way. You grind to reach a new plateau, where you run group content, get better gear, grind it, and repeat. It’s just a question of whether you enjoy the type of content you are grinding, and not everyone will enjoy every type of game, and if you don’t then the grind isn’t worth it. It’s fine – no game is for everyone.

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can i have ur gold

For 3 months are really people still don’t understand the honing system. It’s not gamble, it’s fixed thanks to artisan energy. Depend from your lvl you need X times to 100%. Everything else is just plus, if you honed it earlier. Stop crying and start to learn the game or leave and go play tetris.

Alright i think many didnt get the point of the post. But anyways i will explain my position one last time.
I never said this is a bad game obviously i wouldnt play for 3 months if it was. I feel like i have got all the fun i can have with this game and going forward the time spent =/= fun is not worth it for me personally (i say it again PERSONALLY)
Now why did i make this post? i have been playing video games for long time and i have played many mmos. All video games are addicting and mmos are even more. It is always hard to quit what you were doing everyday for past 3 months. I know devs arent gonna suddenly gonna go crazy because one random guy quitting nor it was meant to be. So obviously i made this post absolutely for selfish reasons to reinforce my resolve so that i can move on.
Please this post is not meant to upset anyone or ruin anyones enjoyment of the game.

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I can understand a quit bc Pheons, lack of communication, no power pass, or even if they nerf your class. But honing? have you time travel from march?


Bye. Give us your gold!

Can I have your stuff?

How is it the best patch so far? I think the events patch we got to help provide mats was better than this one.

Those of us casuals that were in T1 and T2 during the material floods didn’t get to have free mats to burn through the 1340+ zone. So now that I just got to 1340 on my main. Now I am left to do the push with No help.

Unless there is a honing adjustment or another flood of mats incoming I don’t see how great this patch is. By the time I slog my way up to just Argos It will be another month or two.

This isn’t a FOMO thing as I didnt care that I could do Argos and don’t care that I can’t do Valtan. But I don’t understand everyone who had bags of help to grind out to 1370 want to cast stones at those dejected who have to do that slog without help and already feel behind.


Take care. I hope you find a game that is worth your time.

Ouch. To be honest, I’m not sure many people will still be raiding Argos in a month or two.

Plz don’t leave us u are the only 1 ppl on your server i beg u stey dont do this :pensive:

Argos will be run till clow comes out