Also ran into Ealyn's Rapport problem

Game keeps crashing while trying to load into the Ancient Elveria location.

I tried everything that has been suggested.

Could you please relocate my character somewhere else please and thank you?

Server: NA East, Regulus
Character: Lyriel (BRD)

Hi! :wave:

I apologize for the inconvenience this is presenting, hopefully by moving your character we can resolve this.

Just to let you know, I’m going to move it to Prideholme as soon as I confirm that you’re offline.

I’ll update this post once I’ve done it.

Edit: @Soulhuntz it’s done, please let me know if you can enter the game now.


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Thank you for moving my character out of that spot so I can keep playing on that one. I have been able to log into that character again.

I have the same issue on my character! I just posted about it in the forums a minute ago, I’m hoping you guys can help me fix this because i’m stuck on a loading screen every time i try to enter, i’ll add my character info here and on that post

Server: NA East, Karta
Character: Calferia (Gunslinger)

Hello @CaiphasCain!

I was able to find a Devilhunter with the provided name on Karta, if it is your character let me know so i can move it, also i will need you to log out of the game so i can move it to a safe location.

Let me know so i can proceed.

Thank you for the response, I managed to have someone from the amazon games support team teleport me to stardust forest, which i’ve never done before xD.

Hey @CaiphasCain.

I’m glad to hear your issue was resolved by the support team, thanks for letting me know.

Have a nice day! :grin: :crossed_swords:

Let us know when you fix that bug! I wanted to finish her rapport </3.