Alt character level 10 mayhem berserker

I want to make a berserker as my next character, but I feel like it is really unfun without mayhem. So I was wondering if I can just buy him the mayhem books and use mayhem from level 10 right away.
because when you press “p” it says you need level 50, yet when playing through the story you could also use the engraving at around level 35 right?

So does it work? or do I need to be a specific level or at a point in the story.

You need to meet requirement.
If it says 50, so that is what you need.

well that answer is just wrong, since you CAN do it earlier definitly, the question is at what point.

49.99 probably

you can, while playing the story get engravings unlocked once you reach luterra at around level 35 or so. so that answer is wrong. I want to know from someone who knows, not hear wrong assumptions

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i saw a mayhem serker at 42. no idea how

You can use engravings around lvl 35 in our version. But not at lvl 10.

I was able to do it at level 32 with the 20 uncommon books you get from the memories of luterra purple chain quest. Not sure if it’s possible to get the 20 books on another character at 50 and transfer them to your alt earlier.

u cannot use engravings till late 30s iirc so cus thhats when they unlock other then that if u have a powerpass , assuming u got to lvl 50 already with another class u can just boost your zerker to 50 instantly unless u love lvling ofc but then again feels like a waste of time imo :stuck_out_tongue: but to answer your question no u cannot use mayhem at lvl 10

Yeah the only way Engravings can be activated or applied to your skills is not just about level… But MSQ progression…

  1. Have your engravings feature unlocked.

  2. Consume 20 green books of the desired engravings to unlock the first 3 nodes.

  3. Then equip the said engraving on both engraving slots to get 6 nodes to unlock the 1st lvl of the engraving.

So to your question, it is whenever you can do all of 3 steps above.