Alt Character level 10 mayhem?

I want to make a berserker as my next character, but I feel like it is really unfun without mayhem. So I was wondering if I can just buy him the mayhem books and use mayhem from level 10 right away.
because when you press “p” it says you need level 50, yet when playing through the story you could also use the engraving at around level 35 right?

So does it work? or do I need to be a specific level or at a point in the story.

somebody can help in any way?
or maybe has 300 gold so I can just try for all of us? xD

yeah you can, when you reach to luttera caslte you unlock engravings and from there you can use them

so only after I reached Luterra I can use them?


thats a bummer, but thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

Why not just do knowledge transfer, or use your pass?
unless this is a brand new account, yea the berserker is slow leveling, I currently main him.