Alteration of affinity system / cutscenes? - CM answer please

Not sure if it’s true, but I’d like someone who played through it on the beta to either confirm or debunk. This video, the comment under it regarding Sasha’s romance on the tech continent:

This above is the comment in question. Apparently some, ahem, “booba” cutscenes have been taken out as well? I can’t confirm this, but I’d REALLY like an answer @Roxx . Has the affinity system been touched and cutscenes taken out?

This is the cutscene in question:

Again, this guy could be full of shit, hence why I’m inquiring if anyone tested this? Was it even possible to test it on the beta? I didn’t really go as far as that continent.

If we’re going as far as to take out cutscenes as well, oh boy oh boy.


I can confirm that it was not available in the closed beta at least. It seems like that last tier of “rewards” was removed. So, yes. It’s the ongoing crusade to make the game appeal to the “western audience”, hence they are censoring.


They lied. Just like they lied about no outfits being replaced. Nothing Amazon says can be taken as the truth as something comes up down the road to contradict them.


It’s probably going to be possible to revert the graphical changes made to the game, so I’m okay with them, but changing content is a major concern.
I wish to belive that the last affinity level wasn’t in the beta, because the text and voice translations haven’t yet been completed, but we must have some reply about the actual truth to not let us speculate, since this is a content issue.


I don’t know, but if I had to guess…

No shot this will be in the game, and if it wasn’t in beta, it’s confirmed to be removed, they wouldn’t remove it just because the translation isn’t ready, they would have left the original in there with korean voice/text as a placeholder, or a lorem ipsum, but if it wasn’t there, it’s just not there.

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roxx will reply with the same statement

AGS has gone silent about this topic i don’t think we will get any info about it being removed in the final version of the game.


Personally, don’t care that much for the booba censoring, to be honest. But removing the report content is kind of bad. But not as bad as this Blackfacing of NPC’s. If you are going to turn some NPC’s black, fine by me. More inclusion is always better. But if/when you do, don’t do it Blackface style! They need to have proper facial features. Otherwise, it just looks like some asian/caucacian person with a bad spray tan.
I think Amazons’ idea of making it more inclusive and diverse. Instead, made it feel worse with the feeling that they just blackfaced NPC’s. Once that hits the woke media…well…

As @ThisIsStillBad said, we should give them(AGS) some time to answer this topic. @Roxx and other CMs probably have other work to do too, but if by the end of the week we don’t have some explanation, then things change.

As I said, we probably will be able to undo the graphic changes, but this topic isn’t about that or being inclusive and diverse, this topic is about Amazon ripping off content from the original game.

This is the end of the week. US’s Thanksgiving holiday is Thursday. Most people also take Friday off if they don’t already get it as a holiday from their employer. When I still worked I usually took the whole week off so I could turn 3 vacation days into 9 straight days without work.

Given the speed of their responses to other topics I think you can expect a response maybe before launch.

I really hope that this has a logical and reasonable explanation, otherwise this is a pretty big deal for me. Not really because of the lack of “booba” but because of the principle. It’s not really about the cutscenes themselves or the replaced costumes, and the “blacked” skin tones of the NPCs. It’s more about the ACT of changing these things in the first place. It’s politically motivated and I think it’s completely unnecessary. It’s art and it was meant to be seen the way it was originally created. To me it just feels like they’re trying to force their “tolerant and inclusive” views upon me by defacing the art that is the original game.

Even if you are okay with the “blackfacing” of the NPCs, the least you can demand is that they do it right. At LEAST make it look good and not like they’re covered in soap…

Someone in another thread likened it to going to your favorite Asian restaurant. You go there to get your Asian food, and if they changed your favorite chicken stew with rice to chicken stew with french fries, you’d be justifiably upset because it’s not what you wanted. The Asian version of the food was perfectly fine before they changed it and you went to the Asian restaurant specifically because you were looking for Asian food in the first place. That’s how it is for me anyway. I came to play a Korean MMORPG.

But what’s worse… Changing the clothing is subjective, some like it and some don’t. But removing a whole cutscene and the affinity levels associated with that is an objective downgrade from the game. We’re getting less content than what was there previously. That is inexcusable and it’s very worrying for the future of the game as a whole…

I’ll be holding off on buying my founders pack to observe this situation until I’ve seen the full extent of this censorship I think.


I wouldn’t hope on modding the game, it’s risky and against ToS.

And even if there will be mods and they don’t enforce ToS, restoring a removed cutscene or an entire missing “relationship” level sounds way too much, I wouldn’t bet a penny on it, at best there will be texture mods, and maybe model mods.

I said the undoing stuff about graphical changes not content changes which is the case with relationship levels, cutscenes and the focus of this topic.

Anyway, it looks like @Roxx showed up on another topic about 30 minutes ago, but decided to not answer anything here.
If they didn’t remove the relationship level and the cutscenes, a fast and simply reply would be easy and we would already have one, since she was active.
But given that we got no answer is high likely that Amazon is removing content and don’t want to say this clearly.

which is why it’s pretty concerning. and i mentioned the “scam” part due to them not answering these specific questions. waiting for the time where it’s too late for anyone to refund and make it official scam.

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Totally agree on the “Scam”.

Lost Ark is an old game with already guides, videos, streamers playing etc, and people see “Lost Ark” and they get a wrong representation of what the game actually is in our version.
The game name for the western version should be changed into something different, like “Lost Ark: FREEDOM”.

I bet that they plan to do the same trick they did with new world, and keep people in queue for 2 hours so they can’t request a refund on steam.

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or call it Censored Ark: West fits with it. 100% accurate name no?


Accurate and descriptive for sure.

But seriously tho, I really mean it, they should really change the name of the game into something else, even “Lost Ark: Amazon Edition” would be fine, otherwise it’s seriously a scam.


i totally agree on that. people would think twice before playing this version of the game unless they’re into this type of disaster.


They really should at this point. The class names, NPC names, and region names are all different from the Korean version. And now with Amazon potentially removing content of any kind from Lost Ark shows a worrying trend. Namely that Amazon does not care about preserving and publishing the original version of the game.


Is the name supposed to be painfully ironic and satirical?

Redacted Ark: Prime Edition

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The “scam” is pretty concerning as you guys said. I don’t want to spend money in a incomplete game, it should be clear where we are speding our money on. If they changed it so much, at least be truthful about it, do not hide these things. So at least a word from a CM would be nice.

Yup, you are absolutely correct! What surprise me most is that Smilegate is okay with this.

On a completely side note, I’m not seeing this post in “Lastest” or in the “Game Feedback” category. Is it because it is already marked as “solved” or some kind of forum configuration? Or is it only happening to me?

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