Alteration of affinity system / cutscenes? - CM answer please

ripping content from the game is concerning.

i waited to play this game for like 3years beta got hooked me in more but the censors and cut-content are keeping my hype down. i hope to see a reply from @Roxx but i aready expect the same answer. AGS want to evade a massive backlash and “refund train” so i don’t thinks we will get a honest answer anytime soon.

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yep… an honest answer = losing money due to people refunding but lying and keeping them think it will be “the same as they wanted it to be” will save them from the refund train… the sad part about this is when it comes to money they’re ready to lie to your face about anything to bait you till it’s too late for you since you already bought a founder pack and game is released and you can’t refund anymore!

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In my personal opinion, nothing this matters to me.

1ST, my wife and mother are some kinds of black, I do not know how it’s in other countries, but here will call this kind of “BROWN” as “Morena/Mulata”, but both are by law considered BLACK.

2ND, I play this game so fast, spamming G at the speed of light, and doing my thing, I think I never fixed my eyes in any NPC(except Beatrice, she’s beautiful) in almost 2K hours in RU Server.

I understand the complaint and concerns of the people who watch these details, but for me refund a game must be the last option you can do to a game you want to play, some times this make your decision have more weight by refunding a product that is not so bad, but you be unable to play too.

For me must be a very D*** move to make a refund of not buying a game, as Cyberpunk 2077 did, I just ignore the game and I will never buy it.

For now, most of the decision AGS did not affect me directly, and if Sorceress is confirmed at the release of the game, I will not complain anymore about Destroyer and Lancer are not included yet in this version, they were my previews Main Character, but I always am a Sorceress in MMOs, with Sorceress I will probably be much happier than my 2k hours in RU Server with Destroyer, Lancer, Soul Fist.

If this post doesn’t get an answer on the next weeks we could try to make it gain more visibility on social media, since this isn’t about censorship, political views and stuff like that, but about Amazon removing content (the last affinity level and it’s cutscenes) from the game. Their resons to remove content from the original game doesn’t matter, what matters is the we probably won’t be able to experience everything about Lost Ark.

But this post isn’t talking about this, it’s about Amazon removing content from the game, specifically the last level of the affinity system with the NPCs and it’s cutscenes.

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I wasn’t doing my opinion based on your post, I explained my opinion on refunding a game because some people were talking about refunding because of censorship.


It is perfectly legal to chargeback if you did not get the product you expected but I’m not sure you’d be able to argue that for the packs. The packs contain certain things so for example if they modify the soulfist avatar, you could chargeback so I don’t think they will be touching that avatar because they want their $$$. Now for general game content that is not part of the pack which is “free” content being modified, not so sure about that one. The 3 day headstart could maybe get you the win in that case since you are paying to play the free content early so the game is technically not free for 3 days.

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at this point id like to see changed or unchanged / censored or uncensored / 18- 18 + servers call it what ever you want. as i see it the more changes the more players you will lose also i thought this was rated M or whatever we are killing and blowing STUFF up and burning things that is no problemo. but doing it dressed in a bikini is frowned upon. last thing they didn’t even put in the work to make black models they just recolored them that i see as weak work. Oh i hate to bring this up but where are the fat characters im fat and when i go anywhere i see fat people but not in this game we need to change that too im surprised that was never brought up in the western release meeting

It sucks but AGS isn’t going to change course. The silence makes that obvious. I would refund your pack if you care about making a statement and/or plan on checking out the game at release to leave a personal review. I’ll be playing for free at release and leaving a review on Steam based on the state of the game. If they change course, I’ll spend money on the game to show my gratitude in listening to the public opinion.

They have fat NPCs but you can’t make a fat PC. There are quite a lot of fat NPCs actually. I want a dwarf PC class archetype. They have dwarves in the game so it makes sense.


I’m in the same boat. AGS seems deadset on making idiotic and nonsensical changes to Lost Ark all in the name of shoving their mindset on the players and making it so that they can deem what is considered “safe and inclusive” content while excluding anything that does not fit that view. @Roxx is free anytime to come in here and clarify but I highly doubt that they will say anything on the matter and stay silent.


this is were we see their inexpertise with the players or community, they are messing up a game with censors and “political” changes, that for me and i think like 99% of the community didn’t care about.


There isn’t enough steam behind a “refund train” or massive backlash. Feedback forums that are left up are hardly looked at. There are virtually zero statements made in the last week.

Yes, the concern is that they are doing it. A further concern is that they only just got started.

Irrelevant. Censorship and changing of established NPCs in the game should offend ALL people regardless of races or colors as well as being disrespectful to the devs. The fact that people need to micromanage “representation” in an established game is offensive and should be insulting to everyone.

The fact that smilegate gave AGS the greenlight is also irrelevant. Smilegate would never ruin their version of their game like this, but are fine with a publisher ruining their version of the game.

I miss the days where the western world rejected political based censorship on its face. Now censorship is defended as westernization…its disgusting.


man, I just want to play the game, after been play for many hours with exitlag and English patch, launcher and finally be able to play through Steam without login, English patch, “launcher” and exitlag and with my own server in my country, it’s like a dream to me.

I will not keep complaining all the time, the game is awesome, if Sorceress will be released (waiting confirmation) at the release of the game it will be just perfect, why would I need to complain? This is so far much better than RU Server at this point.

But at some point, and understand, it’s not M game, is an 18+ game, about color skin I have nothing to talk about as I already said, but about the BUBAS and other things with censorship, I feel like… WHY? if is an 18+ game? Even steam at this day allowed full sex without censorship to be sold, in the past, you will need a 3rd party to uncensured it.

hmm? But it’s M rated, not 18+ according to official site.

The Pegi is 18+ for EU.

And I’d like to point out that the game is rated M 17+ or Pegi 18+ only for the violence, there is no explicit sex scene or body part shown in lost ark, even in the original versions.

Amazon is censoring female legs and cleavage, it blows my mind.


going full Blizzard mode! they already failed before the game is even released due to not responding to any of these topics despite the huge amount of player’s asking for a response. a normal response not a copy-paste crap you know.


The Pegi is 18+ for Brazil too.

Why do I get the feeling you’re talking about the transgender situation in Brazil?

humm, I don’t understand what you mean.

If this is some kind of idiom because the fact I don’t live in the USA many idioms are not known to be me.

At least they now know that people are very upset about this…