Altering the perception of honing

Lots of people complain about the honing system, and a small change to perception could go a long way in how people “feel” about it.

I understand though that this is probably falling on deaf ears as Amazon is not the developer, and it’s unlikely SG will be influenced development wise by anything mentioned on these forums, but whatever.

It feels pretty bad failing, especially when someone sees 80% and they think “well that’s basically 100% it’s free!” or even worse when they fail that 80% multiple times in a row.

Instead, it would be much better to just show a bar that represents the Artisan Energy (pity). Every “tap” you do progresses that bar. There is of course a random chance you can “randomly succeed” early, which is essentially the current system without hitting pity. You do not need to show this percent of this occurring.

This means puts more of an expectation on needing to fill the Artisan Energy bar entirely, and a better feeling when you do happen to randomly get a “lucky upgrade.” It removes the feeling of failure despite it essentially still being there.

my 2c

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You know i actually had the same idea

i think people look at it with the wrong mindset.
they assume that the only way to progress is with rng, and while of course there is a rng aspect, i don’t think they pay attetion to the artisan energy and how it reaches 100 %

i think that with a simple change in how you look at honing, like filling a “bar” with mats
with a chance of filling it instantly would reduce tremendously the frustration.

Because you can see the goal, there is an “end” to the grind, you can see it and you don’t feel like your effort is in vain.

it would be basically the same, same succes % and the only difference is how you see it.
i think we can trick our brain like that so we can get the dopamine when we actually get a lucky upgrade. because seeing like that, you already have assumed the “failling”. that you would normally see as worthless grind.

They already listen and did honing buffs in kr u dont have a hard as time like in our version 100% harder

We have the same client but amazon greed games changed alot to make p2w more and fuck every other up

I’ve advocated this type of mentality a lot on the forums but it doesn’t seem to click with people.

For example, look at reply number 3. The forums are sadly a wasteland and an echo chamber for a dissatisfied 10% of players, many of whom watch Asmongold and take his every word as the gospel.

(Just to be clear: I agree and that maybe make people understand you’re filling up artisans in T3, not trying to succeed)

Btw: Does anyone have an example of a game with an honing/upgrade system and something like Artisan Energy (pity)?
I am actually very glad that honing is so kind to the player in this game and always have to think about BDO where your items can get destroyed when failing it, really forcing the player to consider investing real money for it. I never once felt like that in Lost Ark. xD