Alternate Founders Pack Outfits

If this has already been answered do let me know.

Currently we’re getting some classes that were not part of the original release of Lost Ark in other regions (Striker, Paladin, Sorceress, Gunslinger). On release these classes had “open avatars”/“launch avatars” with a degree of variety. You can see in the video below how there are two versions of each outfit for Sorc and Striker respectively:

These outfits are incredible and it’d be a shame to lose out on them. I understand that we are getting the “first” variant of each set (white HK, red jacket GS, blue Sorc, white Striker), but what happens to the other variants?

Will they ever be available for purchase in the future? Or will founders have the ability to purchase them via the cash shop on release?

It’d be a huge shame if the outfits were lost forever because the characters happened to be in the initial lineup.


i believe the outfits you see in the video are just ones they added to the cash shop. not part of the founder pack. we should have them at some point in the shop might be on release not sure but maybe.

I haven’t seen this answered anywhere. Hopefully we get the alternate variants of the outfits in the cash shop


Those were the “open” avatars that are released whenever a new class comes out. They are the actual founders outfits that we are getting - compare Striker (white ver) and Sorc (blue ver, not legendary but the first one shown) to the ones in the founder’s pack post:

They’re the same - which is why I’m wondering what’ll happen to the open avatars we don’t get.


we should have them in the cash shop. that’s how it works in RU/KR if we don’t then that would be complete bs. the black outfit for sorceress is my favorite that’s a first thing to buy when i enter the game if it’s in the shop as i expect.

The thing that might dissuade them is that not all classes have alternates. All of the “original” launch classes never had alternate founders outfits made, since they didn’t get released at a later date. So would they have alternate Sorc outfit when Gunlancer doesn’t have an alternate for example?

Also the black outfit is the legendary avatar, which should be attainable by salvaging existing costumes and then using the silk material to craft. The blue outfit is the one we’re getting and red riding hood one would be the alternate founders one for Sorc.


that’s a good question. i hope @Roxx can give an answer to that because i’m not sure how it’ll work in our version.

i’m not a fan of the blue outfit from the founder pack tbh. so i’m giving the box to either demonic or gunslinger and buy an outfit for the sorc from the shop or salvage costumes for the silk to craft the black one since it’s my favorite!


This is actually an interesting question, would most certainly prefer alternative sorceress getup.

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Bumping this & supporting my boy Lin-0 on this. Come on people put a like to the original post.


I would also like to know if we’ll be able to get those - whatever the way.

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Imagine striker plat outfit comes in black / red… Me want!! :heart_eyes:

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I dislike most of the plat pack outfits :confused: more options pls

Most likely they will have other costumes to buy. If not at launch shortly after.

When there was a uproar about Plat Founder “Exclusive” Avatar not being so “exclusive”, CM responded that they will be exclusive in a sense that they will not be sold after launch, thus exclusive to the Plat Founders Pack.

Of course, whether or not this will indeed be the case remains to be seen.


And that makes sense - you wouldn’t want to resell an exclusive founder’s outfit later - so if they put the alternate versions up it’d have to be done by release. After all, if we don’t get the alternate versions now, we may never get them in the future.

Would be great if they could just add the costumes in the shop for Founders to get with Royal Crystals for a limited time after release - could perhaps even be a steam DLC option that “requires Platinum Pack” to be in the account inventory, if its not something they can do in-game.


Right, I just hope that it will at least retain the “exclusive” status, regardless of quality.
In the meantime, I feel there will be quite a backlash if they didn’t offer alternate version choices to the Plat avatars and sold them separately ingame. I like the DLC idea though.


I fail to understand why are people asking for this superior exclusivity because you can only choose ONE of the skins if you purchase a platinum founders. I would gladly want them to be available in the shop at a later date, say few months or some special event so we can purchase others that we wanted via cash shop.


For me Plat pack’s value was in the other contents of the pack so it doesn’t matter personally (WALLPAPER!)
However, if they start selling the “exclusive” avatars after launch, it simply makes it hard to trust any words AGS uses on their products at the face value in the future. Also, there will be unnecessary drama

OP is not talking about the platinum or lawmaker avatars. He’s talking about the alternate options you often get when you buy most costumes.

For some classes like the ones he mentions, you could choose between several costumes, and the ones we get for those classes are from said options. Amazon chose the classical “toned down” costumes, which means we don’t get to choose. They basically split the original costume packs.

We would just like to know what happens to the other costumes from those packs, that are not part of the exclusive platinum or gold deal Amazon made. Any discussion about the exclusive avatars warrant its own topic.

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The “Launch” avatars on other servers are being sold as Platinum Exclusive avatars so it’s difficult to separate the two.

Both examples he shared are part of Plat pack