Alternative Solution for 6 Characters limit for gold reward

I think the 6 characters limit for gold reward is a bad system as the game focuses on making multiple alts, but there is no incentive to make 7th or more characters.
Many veteran players have more than 6 characters because people want to try out new characters as they come out, but it’s feeling discouraging to do so and burnout from clearing 3 raids x 6 characters weekly.

It’s also a bad system for new players because new players only have 1-3 characters, so they’re potentially missing 3-4 characters to generate additional gold per week.

I know KR made the 6 limits to combat gold inflation, but here is another solution :
Create a diminishing return system for gold rewards from raids. For example:
1st character earns 200% of gold from raids
2nd earns 150%
3rd earns 100%
4th earns 80%
5th earns 60%
6th earns 40%
7th earns 20% and so on

This is just my thought, the percentages can be adjusted. The goal is to help new players and reduce burnout from clearing 3 raids x 6 characters weekly. If people have the time to grind more than 6 characters, they should feel free to do so.

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