Alts and guild - any standard emerging?

Given how game encourages alts, and lots of them - is there a ‘meta’ that is emerging or already happened re: what and how to guild alts?

For main char got mine in small guild formed from group of ppl from another MMO. But most my alts are parked in my own guild which long term don’t think is workable. Solo leveling I’m sure is possible but seems really slow & ineffective.

So are guilds basically making chains of alt guilds branched from main guild? Main char only in main guild, all alts in alt guilds?

Alt guilds only sustainable methods if you got a group of people willing to invest and work together

It is a strange contradiction to have low limit on guild members but each person is pushed to run multiple characters.

Then if you just keep main in guild and want to change the character you have there.
It sounds like there is a big penalty of days you can’t join a guild again after based on contribution(?)
I guess the penalty is just for your former main and now alt but still another oddity.

Don’t know what is normal and would be based on size of guild.

If a guild has certain size and members expect to make it their home and are actively talking together.
I would think it makes a lot of sense for that guilds guild leader to have officer or their own alt make a guild meant for the alts of the main guild.

If a guild has room for alts then just have them there should work best (maybe x limit per member).

Some guilds run alt guilds, other guilds just have a “be active” requirement (eg donate, login, do dailies etc), not really a standard yet

MAinly I asked because maybe just my server but while I see plenty chat ads for guilds, they all seem to be recruiting mains. No mention at all re alts, having alt branch guilds, etc

Given alts are the meta, not saying have to nor should it be that way, separate thread and plenty of them debating that. Just here, since alts are kinda meta to have, not sure if guild standard for catering to alts has yet emerged. Least not on my server based on chat announcements

I run a guild and personally don’t care about main or alts. I got couple people that have both main and their alts in the guild.
I told them to be active, donate and only kick if not signing for 8 days+.
My casual guild hitting lv5 in a day or two.

Guilds wanting mains only could easily still have guild for alts to go.
Just something that is mentioned after joining.
Can hear the guild recruiter if they have anything like it.

The more interest there is from within guild the higher chance it would result in alt guild too.

humm what i can say is i have 5 alts at the moment and more character slots but those are for new classes coming

I am in a guild we have 3 or 4 guilds just for alts , although i only have 3 alts in them as the other 2 i rarely login in them , i let them rest and then i do lopang daily for silver , what u can do is ask ur guild menbers to do a alt guild then everyone joins there with their alts if they want.