Alts and mats decreasing?

I’m back :wave: league of legends gets boring honing system and bots still BS btw but is anyone else have issue with your alts not getting tradable leapstones? I’ve noticed that one of my alts 1355 wardancer don’t have tradable leapstones anymore instead she got 120 untradable greater leapstones and 241 untradable regular leapstones why is that? But my others are getting them like 1 untradable to ever 3 tradable leapstones.

You get not bound leapstones from Challenge Guardian and Guardian raids. Froms Chaos Dungeon every leapstone is bound. The normal ones can be changed to greater at 1 to 5 ratio in any major city close to honing table. You still get normal leapstones after 1370 from boss rush, but other content starts giving you greater.

Hope this helps

Not bound = tradable
Bound = not tradable

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Hmm well I do all my chaos dungeons with wardancer wish Amazon had real customer service for this game cause I’ve been recording issues I’ve had and it don’t seem like it’s by chance :weary: but ty

So what is the issue? You dont get any leapstones or you dont get tradable leapstones?

I just told where and how you get tradable and not tradable leapstones.

From chaos dungeon at level 1355 you get normal leapstones that are not tradable.


I think he is mistaken on leapstones being tradable off chaos dungeons, and somehow thinks they changed something, but like you said, it has always been like this.

Yea that is an issue my alts are worthless if I can’t feed my main to level up I mean really has all these pkayers got to 1450 1465 unless I spent thousands of dollars on the game I play the game quite a bit I do all my dungeons all my raids every time along with that I do a lot of extra content I’m at 1200 hours and I’m still not even 1415 just from 1400 to 1405 I’ve had three pity hones that’s a lot of MATS and gold