Alts and pheons

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So overall after playing for some time i think AGS could lower pheon price for sending jewerly, stones to alts or make them account bound so you can pass it through roster inventory. Logic behind it is quite simple. Lets say you have alt at 1415, one jewel cost you 50-100 gold to buy but it cost 25 pheons. Playing multiple characters i have loads of stuff for my alts overall, problem arises that if i send them these i have to pay same amount of pheons ( like 25 pheons for one relic jewerly). Looking at current prices 100 pheons is like 10k gold. So you pay 100 gold for jewerly you need and 2,5k gold in pheons and if you try to transfer said stuff to alt from other character you still have payment of 2,5k gold (it’s like 25x times the value of thing you want to transfer at some point).

To sum it up, make stuff roster bound so we can at least transfer them between our own account free of charge.
What will it change:
People won’t complaining about pheons so much.
Alt characters will be easier to gear up which in turn will make it easier to find group to do raids.

Thanks for reading,
P.S any ideas or advice how to beat up this gearing up alts nonsense.


the point of making alts or any and every character require pheons is to maintain a constant use and flow of the exchange.

It ain’t happening.

Having to pay pheons to give yourself an accessory is one of my top gripes about the game.

I understand the reason pheons exist, but accessories already have trade limits, so I dont understand why I cannot give myself an accessory at least at a reduced cost.

Currently the difference between giving myself an accessory and buying off AH is 10-50 gold for a “Meh” relic accessory given I have to pay the pheons either way.

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yes but the thing is why should i pay for stuff i already have. Its like between my two characters stands shady guy who you can’t bypass and takes 25 pheons so i can give my jewel to my own character…

ye i wouldn’t mind if it was symbolic 1 pheon price or if it was roster bound so i can transfer through roster chest.

this would prob be one of the best QOL changes the game could have, I doubt it will ever happen though bc of greed n other stuff.

They are making way too much money from pheons, to ever change this shit.

thats the games for ya.
It’s a perfect system where they will always profit.

the game forces you to play alts to progress and enjoy the game and then forces every alt to require pheons…

so if every player playing the game needs to progress they HAVE to play alts and if every alt needs pheons the exchange via real money to gold and vice versa is always running endlessly in a loop

it’s a system to generate infinite money

they would NEVER change it EVER

It wasnt even that big of a deal before the BC prices started jumping up after the summer event.

Most “Meh” accessories go for 1.3kish in pheons alone, so slapping on a 10g-25g price tag doesnt change anything.

It doesnt even feel like you “got” the accessory, because youre throwing away 1k gold just to give it to yourself.

Makes it even harder to change builds to experiment/ after balance patches.

When BC was 500ish per 95 I went through and got all my alts 4x3. Now I’m about to get my last grudge book and I realistically wont end up going back and re-building my alts with grudge for a while

Currently have one reflux sorc alt and would like to try rolling to igniter because of damage but the thing is i need stone and 5 jewels. Jewels overall would cost me 125 pheons which is 12k gold itself not talking about stone too.
But… i can’t so here i m at 1430 alt which will get good/decent at 1445 because of relic set.

Ironically I was just wanting to give my igniter sorc a reflux build lol.

She started out in argos as reflux then went igniter for the big numbers. But its nice to switch it up every now and then.

Its basically a matter of finding a week where you’re bored and have 20-30k gold burning a hole in your pocket.

they could make it for accessories that have 3 trades remaining, so only accessories that you dropped yourself, for anything else it will never happen

reflux is good but i go instant cast and mana is now the problem so i need nightmare relic set but i still need 15 ilvl for that.

The true problem is not the pheons value…

The ultimate issue is the RNG on getting the right stuff for your character without having to buy stuff on the market. It’s basically impossible to get a good setup without spending thousands of golds and hundreds of pheons.

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But more specifically, the right drops on the right character
Its hard enough getting something decent to drop, but getting it to drop with the stats and engravings that specific character can use

Ive gotten tons of decent stuff to drop its just not worth transferring it to the roster character that can use it.

I mean. Decent as far as 4x3 engravings go. Anything BiS is going into the market for sure cuz im poor

One of the things I dislike about this game. The pheon system is ridiculous. People try to call it a tax, and defend it. But the fact that it costs pheons to send items to alts shows it to be nothing but a money making tool.

Pheon is literally the best way for SG to print money. I don’t think they’re going to change it

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As soon you start treating pheon=gold and it’s price ia tied to the price of what you want to buy you will enjoy the game much more.