Am I allowed to launch/play the game?

Hi. When I was in a Ski vacation in France, I got the game into my Steam library. Right now, I reside in Israel, where access to downloading the game from the Steam store is blocked, but not launching it. Am I allowed to play the game?

Bumping it, so I’ll rephrase.
Is it bannable to play the game from a donwload blocked country, if I got the game while visiting an unblocked one?
(I really don’t want to risk anything.)

Hello, @Player!

I see you would like to play the game from a region where the game is blocked.

Here’s a comment from one of our CM @Roxx about this:

Regarding playing the game from a blocked region, here’s an article from the Amazon Games Terms of Service:

5.2 Geographic Restrictions. Due to technical and other restrictions, the Games may be available only in certain locations. We may use technologies to verify your geographic location and restrict access to the Games from other locations. You may not use any technology or technique to obscure or disguise your location.

I hope you find this information useful, and if I can help with anything else, let me know. Stay safe!

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Thank you very much for your answer.
If I understand correctly, because I got the game while in a vacation in France (which is unblocked), I am allowed to play the game in Israel, even though downloading it here is blocked.

Where you downloaded it doesn’t matter. You are not allowed to connect while in Israel. It should not let you connect when you open the game, and using something to obscure your location, such as a VPN, is against terms of service.

I see, the response I got is that only getting the game is blocked. But playing it isn’t.
I am aware that using external software to obscure my location isn’t allowed, and I would never do so.

Playing is also blocked, if you open the game it will not let you connect to servers.

For example if you were a resident of both Israel and France, while in Israel you will not be able to connect to servers, but while in France you will be able to.

You can test it if you like, but there were other players from Israel here on the forums the day they added the IP block.

@Player, what @Kakaochen mentions is correct, and thanks for the backup by the way! :wink:

In a few words, While you’re in a region where the game can’t be accessed, there’s no option to play the game, regardless if you downloaded it while in an available region, and as you mentioned already, using tools to hide your current location is against the Terms of Service.

Let us know if you have any other doubt. :smiley:


NP! Didn’t want to step on any toes but I was around on the IP block day and had to explain it a few times, and I know you guys are busy ^^

For @Player I know that it’s been said that there is no harm to come together to show interest from a region not currently published in. That’s how we got our Aussie friends! There have been posts from other people from Israel as I mentioned above. Maybe you can all come together ^^


Thank you @Kakaochen & @Santoryu for your great and fast help.
I guess I’ll just have to wait x).
Have a nice day, and fun playing Lost Ark!