Am I missing something? Tier 1 Rank cheated?

Pretty sure every single person queueing up for Ranked PVP has had to AT THE LEAST have played 10-15 games of Unranked PVP to go toward reaching Tier 1 to even be eligible. I am just at a loss for words watching some people stroll on in like they know nothing of the game at all. The congestion (or elo hell) that is hovering between 1050-1500 is crazy watching people just ping pong everywhere based on this teammate RNG. This isn’t even a complaint about classes, but just qualifications to even be able to walk into the Arena. I think it’s crazy unhealthy to watch people consistently land under 100k damage (excluding Bard and Paladin) and take less than 200k (you’re basically not even participating at this point). Truly unsure if they are just scared to fight or what. I’m sure Non-PVP players are trying to go through this route to get mats, so there are bound to be issues sadly.

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the problem is tier 1 means nothing, you get it in like 30 games. You don’t learn enough in that time

you don’t need to play ranked to get mats

Exactly that. I’m really exactly 0 interested in this PvP. I’m not averse to PvP in general, but the PvP in LA is not my cup of tea. Therefore, I also do not care that I am in the elohell. Although I am often the carry of the elohell group :grin:

You don’t need to, but the amount that’s locked behind pvp is significant. I think it’s always a bad idea to lock pve rewards behind pvp content.

I think it just frustrates both playerbases because the pve players don’t want to have to pvp for the additional rewards and the pvp players don’t want the shitty pve players on their team.

i mean sure but losing normals is nbd. I get your point though

100% agree with all of this

Many people not very good with PvP. Unless they are purposefully trolling, I don’t think you should make a comment on other people’s abilities. A lot of them just don’t like PvP.

free mats? cool did not know that. test it later

as a mainly pvp player i disagree a bit with that statement, i play mainly pvp but also i do pve and the mats in pvp allow me to progress my character by doing the the content which i enjoy most, if there was no mats at all in pvp people like me would be forced to go more in pve and do less the content which they enjoy most.

In my opinion, there is good amount materials in PvE to progress your character so people can skip doing pvp if they dont want to do it and still progress fast enough.

The mats in pve are much easier to obtain and most of them are daily, so the players who prefer pve or bad at pvp are at a huge disadvantage if they don’t pvp. There are a lot of mats locked behind pvp, more than any of the other events.

You don’t have to pvp to progress your character, but look how long it takes to progress. People run out of the mats in 1 day and stay stuck lol

You can disagree all u want, but it breeds angst in the playerbase pure and simple.

Your complaining about people not taking dmg? The idea is to not take dmg lol. Most of my games i have under 150k taken.

Well then it looks like we have to agree to disagree

We are missing a lot of pve content which give mats which will be added in the game, so as i said i dont think people which dont pvp are in that huge disadvantage. Also you dont need to do ranked pvp in orther to get your mats, you can do unranked where people are not that focused on winning, but just farming mats and fighting for fun.

You can only receive 1 tier of rewards if you don’t play ranked and increase your rank. Missing out on 1000’s of crystals and leapstones is a big disadvantage.

excuse me but i though all the mats can be obtain by doing unranked only, and i thought you can increase your tier each week by doing unranked. if what you saying is correct I agree that putting mats behind ranking is not the right way and all of the pvp mats should be obtainable by just doing pvp no matter if its ranked or unranked.

Forcing Pve players in competitive PvP is not the right way definitely. My point was that mats should be obtainable by pvp too, but not gated by ranking and i think thats the way it is. I will check it when i go back home.

There is the point of AVOIDING damage, this is true. But unless you’re a ranged class and godly at kiting and still putting out enough damage for it to matter, most of these players are not. Grats to you if you are though I wish I was playing with you in this circumstance.

This is a reference to those who are almost doing NOTHING to the point its an issue if that makes sense. They aren’t contributing towards winning, to the point that it becomes the reason we are losing. Essentially almost 2v3 or even 1v3 all match.

Yes but i think people are too hung up on the damage aspect of the pvp and using the numbers to try and point out they are doing better or people doing worst. The number is largely irrelevant, someclasses can pull a lot higher numbers really easy due to aoe and burst (arti) some classes dont pull as high but its single target so its more meaningful when looking at the actual objective which is kills.

So many people are playing the pvp super aggressive and forcing constant engagements and damage trades. The win condition is literally kills, you should be getting ahead on kills then playing for time fishing for the odd mistake. Its funny as high rank games in KR/RU usually only doing like 400k-500k dmg and then tournament level you are looking at games where people are only doing 200-350k dmg on avg.

I havent been doing much ranked atm as waiting for ranks to settle before i bother climbing and i rerolled into a new class so taking some time to learn it. But since we got the pvp stats i have a 80% winrate and some games i really am not doing that much damage (like 200-350k), i spend more time focusing on controlling the pace of the fight and denying noobstomp classes from participating in the current brawl that eu/na pvp is lol.

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If you’re Mongoing everytime a skill is up and doing damage but also taking damage and dying you aren’t doing your team a favor tldr. Sometimes lower damage while playing smart and trading smart is much more efficient.

The PvP tier system isn’t tied to ranked participation. You can play any number of unranked games between now and Thursday to get the next level. It’s all relative to how much you are playing compared to everyone else on your server.

The game did a horrible job of explaining this. Now so many people are clogging up ranked, not prepared, and fucking themselves over on MMR for when they would eventually be ready to start doing it - skill wise.

I’m not much of a forum writer, this is actually my first time so maybe I should be more specific with my post? Sorry. I agree with playing smart, kiting out cooldowns, picking good timings to fight, playing for time, etc. This is mainly about people who are NOT doing that. I am talking about those who are literally just basically not participating in which I can’t tell if it’s just a straight up troll or if they are scared or anything beyond that… If someone has no cooldowns and still watching their teammates being juggled by 2 people and do nothing, I have no words. Now if they were to see in the 1v1 on the other side a chance to kill the outlier and get a 1 for 1 I’d be more happy, but that is NOT happening is the problem. My expectations I guess have been just to high. Hoping to climb to an elo in which this does happen maybe?

PvE rewards arent locked behind RANKEDS,
problem is that ppl dont realize that they can just do normal PvP matches for the rewards.