Am I missing sometihng about secret locations?

I got used to finding secret passages hidden within terrain, or sometimes just walking into a wall.
It is also fine when there is a barrier and you can see that there is something behind it…
But what about places like Medric Monastery or Atlas - is there any clue in the game anywhere about them? Or the idea is that we should play each song every 5 steps - just in case it will open hidden passage?


These passages are usually hidden Mokoko or other collectible areas. They don’t show on map, but if you visit any guide sites like maxroll or papunika for mokoko hunting or adventure tomes. There are usually indicators where the hidden passages are (on guide, not map). It applies to either maps and map dungeons
Also some hidden areas require your character to have enough virtue points (Kindness/charisma etc.) to enter.

I know that I can google everything… it is not what i am asking about.
I am asking if there are any in-game conent which would help me to figure it out?
Or, if you like, how this very first guy who was searching for mokokos in this area, in times where there were no guides in internet, figured out that you need to stand in this particular spot and play this particular song to reveal the passage?


I guess when the game first came out Koreans needed to hug every corner of the map. There is not a single quest, tip where you can find mokokos. But some of the spots are more obvious than others. For example in Yorn most of the Umar statues hold mokokos inside them so you need to sing Romantic Weapon song. But answering your question for good: no, you need to use guides or waste time trying interracting with every object

I see statues I play resonance, I see thorn I play minuet. Most of the time they open up.
My friend hugs map corner hoping for hidden mokoko/passage. Sometimes he succeeds.
That sounds fun, and I know the great feeling of discovering mokoko seeds without a guide. But I don’t have time for that so if I were to go seed hunting, I would use a guide.

Well… this was NOT the answer i was looking for :frowning:
And yes, I can confirm that it is a great feeling to figure out things by yourself.
Which brings even more pain when, after clearing whole continent without any external guide, you need to surrended on little island where there are only 4 seeds in total :rage:

if you are willing to use an outside guide

(you can click the secret passages and it will tell you what you need)

I think ops question was more aimed towards is there hints in game to help someone find the hidden passages for mokokos etc without needing to use another website to find that info

Yes, definitely. And the answer is - in most the cases there is no clue. (Like good luck with playing the right song to every and each barell in Yorn. ;o) )
That;s why we need Maxroll / Papunika.

well… I do have my limit… it usually gets when I spend 1-4h on single area (depending on size)…
sometimes it is like “I was walking over there three times and I missed it! :dizzy_face:
but last time (Atlas) was a bit too much…
however… lesson learned… if no luck with finding - try singing for statues… I simply forgot about this option :wink:

The game was datamined.
That’s how the mokokos and other secrets were found out.

this is different kind of ‘fun’ :wink:

My friend also quit because the mokokos became too bullshit.

Idk if this was datamined but if so that’s cringe.

I pictured an arduous community endeavour :joy:.

Yeah but some of these are near impossible without a guide. If you don’t believe me try to do the gesbroy mokokos.

If this is your only enjoyment in the game, quit or find something else you enjoy. It is not designed to be fun.

Well… as long as I do not need to google more often than 1 or 20 - it is still fun :wink:
It supposed to be the challange.
I will check this island later - it must be quite a big one having 9 seeds…

I actually recommend a guide for Gesbroy mokokos because to collect them all you need to spend gold and it’s a time race that can be failed. I don’t want to see you crying later on how the game is wasting your time and gold for nothing

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fair warning :wink: I have lot of earlier places to visit first anyway

Nope, and its a gripe i have with the game. There are many gimmicks that simply cannot be figured out through some average gameplay, such as stormwind grotto which needs you to kill every single critter or those out of bounds areas. It feels more like a datamining challenge (which is very common in these games, thats how wiki guides appear so fast) rather than a exploration thing.

Yes, there are in-game hints, but they’re not terribly obvious. The various liquors you have to drink have hints in the description and there are people talking about drinking in most of the places you drink them (they can also be refilled cheaply). The statues are for song of resonance, the forest’s minuet even says it moves thorns and those are giant gates that are kinda hard to miss. Some of the other adv. tome songs are a bit off, but usually you see some large, strange item that’s out of place (e.g. giant chests) and just kinda figure it out. And some of those you can actually see the prompt for (but not activate) the mokoko under them, so there’s that too.

So… it’s something you can figure out in game, but it’s certainly not easy.