Am I the only one feeling the urge to become a P2W player?

I mean…


well i heard ags said this is p2w game, just degree of winning differs. so…

na bro just keep doing your dailies on 16chars for another 7months, maybe on Christmas someone will tell you’re worth sth then xD

May I ask, what are you planning on winning though? Doing bosses few weeks before everyone else?

I feel you, dear. That’s the point actually :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
If you want to be up-to-date in this game you either do dailies with your 315105154 characters (no my case, cuz I only have 3) or become a P2W player. You also can do my way and take your time, but if you choose that one you’ll probably find yourself struggled forever, being stuck on it.

I am glad i am not P2W player. And even then i am mad.

So i get to 1445 as f2P boi, and yey, i cant play - 11 hours for patch to download.

I would be mad if i put money into the game and got treated like this, like bruh.

1445 is easily reached with just 3 alts

But not wihout enough gold.


Actually you get so much gold its crazy.

You just play Hone efficiently - you buy from mari shop, you sell all tradeable leapstones.

Just having alts that can do yoho at 1370 will net u tons and tons of gold.

Imagine paying to play a game less.

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Indeed, but my sucessful rate is decreasing and getting lower than ever, which means I’ll probably be spending tons of gold on a single peace of armor wihout success.

Calling yourself p2w is nonsense.
If you have enough time to farm x amount of chars and getting enough mats to hone without spending real money and do your stuff ,then do it like that.

But if you are like me, with a job and and other IRL stuff to do, not wanting or not having enough time for x amount of chars (i play only on 2 chars) Then it is completely fine to swipe from time to time.

Even tho I don;t mind swiping from time to time when i really want something, the game doesn;t give the feeling of having to swipe alot.

no. i dont feel i have to spend money.

If you do real life stocks. investing at the start to get ahead of the curve will always net you more profits in the long run. If you really do enjoy the game and want to stay competetive swiping a few hundreds of do $$$ is totally worth it.

Games are supposed to be entertaining, not slaving us.

Imagine playing a game like it’s your full time job

Not really. i find laughably bad how little your money is worth on this game.

Tho i don’t judge people who buy gold, cause reasons.

If you RMT you will get banned.

Enjoy your 1 day ban with hundreds of hours saved.

So this game wasn’t supposed to be P2W at all.

It’s also hilarious how ppl boost “oh I’m f2p and so proudddd”

Ya bro, you likely also played for 1k hours.
Like, how tf can you be proud of that XD

I’m also not saying go p2w. It’s way too expensive to get anything out of it lol unless you really have some k’s to throw at this. Which is quite nuts in itself either lol.

I just quit the game, the hype is over anyway. Feels good as hell.
I’ll come back when the honing rates are better in february or so just to play those hell modes.
And let the nolifers carry me through everything else while I get it all done casually playing within a month tops xD