Am I the only one hyped for Slayer?

Slayer looks sooo fkin sick why is no one crying to get her released ASAP X_X



If they release a turtle with a shield in the hand that walks akwardly and jumps backwards id be happy… Oh wait…

But really anything that make that pos artist dissappear lol

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LOL why do u bear a grudge against artist xD

Dislike the class not to mention the terrible effect, Very bad experience on parties since release


So does soul reaper… Why not release it last year in february. I needed that class when i was born.

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People will hype for anything thats new. If we had slayer since launch and Berserker would come out soon. Everyone would be hyped for him too

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discard urs >:)

Bro’s been crying like every single day since Artist release, maybe take a break lol it seems to bother you alot


hype is overacted, see the hype for artist? it died down so fast I forgot it was released recently.

I came back to the game when I saw the artist release, leveled one up to North Vern and then stopped because the class was too easy and thus boring.

There’s a serious imbalance between classes difficulty and it’s crazy. Sorceress and Artist are so OP it’s not even fun, you one shot everything without taking damage.
Melee classes on the other hand, you have to plan your moves carefully, time your dodge, even drink potions (imagine that).

TLDR : I’m hyped for a fun challenging new class too!

its a new class, people are trying support for the first time. What did you expect? God gamers? It hasn’t even been 3 weeks. Please calm down

Most likely just insta decline slayer just like i insta decline zerkers now :crazy_face:

so korea gets in a 5-7 month circle new class releases , which got stated last Loa On

so when we get aeromancer in summer , and KR a new class in summer

we will get slayer in winter , pretty easy . there has not to be a all day cry , we are now in a settled state of getting twice a year a new class.

so no need to try to get it earlier, cause it would delay the next class even longer from the time period

I predict in next roadmap with aeromancer

i once hype about summoners… even i play her on beta… now i got her she stuck there at 1460 with event gems rainbow engravings. and i never touch her… she now become my Lopang slave

i used to hype about Artist in the end same Lopang Slave.

now all my 10 alt become Lopang Slaves. :joy:

my point is what i saw on stream looks awesome but when i play it it just didnt suited my play style… i should just made all Switf scrapper alt… the only character that i comfortable to play.

Slayer is the strongest class in Kr. Stronger than sorceress. Ironic.

Noone will be here at winter, get real, you and bots maybe.


Oh rly? I still cant join any lobbys with my sup alts bc they are everywhere :upside_down_face:

Well if you play rainbow stats on the class ofc it will feel shit…
You need some good stats, engravings, lvls and relicset.

wheres the problem with it ? im fine with staying with my “mokoko friends”

see it like that , if im the only one in winter , i dont have to hone anymore , cause i cant progress anyways… doing some chaos dungeons and guardians
im fine with that , lot of hours saved