Am I the only one thats been dealing with audio problems?

Since at least a month ago the game audio would just slowly disintegrates. For example, I can start a raid with full audio and by the time gate 2, some of my skills dont have audio feedback anymore. by the time I finished g3, none of the skills ended up having any audio, from me or from teammates, all I hear is every now and then the very awkward grunts.

And sometimes the bgm would just stick. For example today I wanted to go to anguish, the sailing theme was playing when im sailing, obviously. Entered anguish, sailing theme still playing. Got out of anguish, ANOTHER INSTANCE of the sailing song started. I got confused, landed in punika, went back out to the sea, lo and behold, A THIRD INSTANCE of the sailing theme is playing. Now I have the same bgm, playing in triplicates, at different points, all stacked together.

It just feels like with every patch, the audio breaks even further

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I have the same problem. I thought it was my audio card.

I have to restart game to get back audio

My Girlfriend has the exact same problem, a repair in steam didnt fixed the issue…

I had no bgm in valtan yesterday.

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