Am I the Only one thats waiting for "Letter Part 3"?

I know this is a road map, and its not showing all the specific changes thats gonna come…
And there is a HUGE BUT here.
They made it sound like this was the time to help the new players, and to LISTEN to the community.

Yet i see no change in character release speed. i only see a change in what class comes (and i dont really care)

I see no news about Pheons (how is a new player, who is free to play) ever gonna get a full relic set, when it require a ton of gold, just to get the Pheons, and not to mention the items.
(yes they give free Battle items, thats great. but really?? is that it?)

They made it sound like they where ready to listen to what the community was in need for, and then addressign those issues…

I dont see any major topics ive seen the past few months being talked about on the road map.

ShadowHunter Demon form? 0 News
Silver Shortage? 0 News
Lowering of Gold in raids, and the concerns about it? 0 News
Bad communication from LA, what will change? 0 News
Whats the plan for new players in Lost Ark? Only helping them providing Battle items?
its a start, BUT A VERY SLOW START!!
Brel Hard, and the posible nerfs? 0 News
Legendary Skin, and whats the plans on them? 0 News
Wolf Mask, bottom part? 0 News
Lowering of Daily chaos and guardians? 0 News

I mean, the list goes on. and no mentions…

And it looks to me, with the speed they are throwing out new content, that the FOMO is just gonna grow.
There is 0 known plans, as to how the community is gonna catch up. (Not the Whales, the free to play players)

Its time for AGS and Smilegate, to start the Communication they promished.


Remember, free battle item on lower guardian, where nobody cares about.

none of the other roadmaps have had specific details, they just list the major things and then when they release patch announcement for the month theres usually some minor details added and then when patch notes drop theres the full detailed list

its a start, in helping the new players. but it dont do anything in helping them learn easier, or not being gatekeept

Hate to break it to you but even new players don’t do those, so those battle item changes are for no one

I want to add in

EAC issues? 0 News

People are still disconnecting mid raids. Of which most, in my experience, are back to desktop again. Which was allegedly fixed.

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Just chill, they startet a Mission for good and that need time to implement. Dont worry be Happy, dont fomo

This is insane. Everybody just got straight up gaslit into believing that they actually cared… what is this roadmap? There’s… nothing that helps out new players.

I think… perhaps the issue here… is what AGS actually considers a new player. It seems like they consider a new player experience and helping them out just giving them a powerpass and some help up to 1445, but… that’s literally the beginning of the journey for the majority of players, or, anyone who wants to raid.

This is sad.

…Except we just got a roadmap up until July, so we have three months of no implementation?

Ill try one last time, since the forums are shutting down anyway.

You guys need to pay more attention to what is written both in the letter and in the roadmap.

Words coming from the letter:

The letter was an open communication with the players, saying that they have fked up, and that they want to make things better. They will start with changing some easier stuff, like guardian raid buffs at the early game and the ebony cube, as they need more time to develop the bigger things like the ones you mentioned.

They never said the roadmap will lay out all the content, changes and things they have planned. Nor did the letter say any of that. I dont know why so many people thought that the roadmap will include changes even AGS/SG admitted wont be couming out until late summer - fall.

Yup, i agree on that one, but compared to the grand scope of other matters i would place it in the bottom of the list.

New una events + more silver from events , also honing cost reduction reduced silver required as well.

The gold nerf was not a bad thing, we have all seen it’s positive change in the market as well. Also it was highly appreciated in KR as well, the new hyper express pass will make it easier to skip zones that give less gold as well & Argos will be reworked.

Their letter addressees this, you cant expect them to fix all communication issues immediately. I know that Stoopz and Datmodz will be going to AGS HQ to talk with Roxx in an interview.

They write in their letter that they need more time for the tier1+tier2 adjustmens and that they have many things in store for new players. What else do you want them to say ?

Brel HM is already getting indirectly nerfed by pushing other content faster and by nerfing the amount of materials you need to craft the pieces.

They’ve said multiple times that when they have an update on this they will share them.

OKey, valid point i guess

We need more time to think about it, but we understand the repetitiveness of the content, and Smilegate RPG is undergoing internal research and development to discuss resolutions. To help cut down on the grind in the meantime, we’ll introduce the Ebony Cube - a new activity that combines Boss Rush and Dimension Cube - in May.

Idk man, i feel like people are reading only what they want to read. You need to set some realistic expectations.

The content pacing is fine. Akkan works in different way than Brel, you are not missing out on anything big with Akkan HM.

Akkan release allows whales/hardcores to play it faster, what’s the big deal? whats the fomo exactly? to waste 6mil shards for nothing?


Still waiting on any news for AH API which they said theyd look into 8 months ago for our version. If theyre not gonna do it just give it to us so we can do it.

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how can they f…ed up, when you are telling endlesly everything is ok? anyway see you at reddit i guess

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Where did they say that?

Official announcement. Mai the first, the forum will get frozen unable to write or post things.