Am I wasting my time?

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This question is more directed at cm’s

Am I wasting my time? I said I was going to quit na fully if artist was not released in 2022 that is just me, I do not care if people keep playing or not

My real question is, is the class cadence being reconsidered or am I wasting my time?

I know what the forums will say mostly but I want to hear it from a cm
not a “We hear you :heart:” but a real answer is it being considered for change or not?

ty <3

What do you mean by wasting your time?
If the only class you want to play is Artist, then yes, you are wasting your time, because it wont be released in this year. ETA early 2023.


you do know that there are 5 classes left (aeromancer included ) if they release one every 2 months, we will get all classes in 10 months, chill out , the game has only been out for 6 months and we already got 3 classes

Isnt Gaming always wasted time? :laughing:


yes this game is a slot machine time sink. of course you are wasting your time

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Yes, you are wasting your time playing this scuffed NA/EU version.
The only region with no Legendary Skins, and no classes released that people want to play.


Artist probably wont come this year. Probably wasting your time since it’s likely there may be some form of a powerpass + express event when it does release so it’s really up to you.

If it was me I’d just make some characters and get them to 1370/1400 and keep them on farm mode with rested bonuses until the class I wanted released. That way you don’t need to invest too much time into characters you don’t want to play but also wont be super far behind when it does release.

I probably will leave in August if nothing changes in the roadmap, just me, again I do not blame anyone who continues to play

Is entertainment a waste of time?

Even if you are not playing your prefered CLASS and found yourself playing your 2nd or 3rd favourite class and get entertained. You are not wasting time. But if you force yourself playing and rant about not having your CLASS release anytime soon. Then you are wasting your time.

Back to wow I guess lol

No one knows which classes are coming next for NA/EU. If you ping any CM’s they will just reply with the same “not set in stone, idk, cant say for sure, etc. etc.”

It’s safe to assume we’re not getting artist this year, though. So, I guess the answer to your question is yes you are wasting your time.




Do you get it?

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Artist lmao :rofl: a class you never played. Go on KR or RU and play it and leave quietly.

See you tmrw bud.

You are loging in daily to do your daily chaos and guardians until weekly reset happens so you can have ur 10 mins of fun…

Do what you want with this information…

Oh nyo, my sweet summer child…

Artist is coming out soon guys …

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I have played it lol

I mean the sweaty answer is obviously if you keep playing you will have more gold gems cards higher alts mats and everything for when/if she does release…

The realistic answer is by the time she does release (if she ever comes to the west) there will be a powerpass to at min 1415 Ilvl so you would be able to start your legion raid journey even after quitting for a year.

You don’t need a personal CM reply for this it has been hammered home a million times at this rate that it’s one class per 2 months for now (may delay even further in the future) and artist would be the last class to release after all the older ones. Im saying a step further though because of absolutely zero faith left in this company that they may flat out skip specialist classes fully in NA/EU because of all the toxicity the model causes in western culture.

tl;dr because people hate reading in a forum of all places you are better off just quitting if you only care about artist there is no bright future forcing your self to play a game for a minimum of 8 more months by the time she did come out then in best case scenario you would already be hard burned out on the game to even enjoy it anymore.