Am very happy with the update

Thank you Amazon for such update, I will support you with my money too. Can you please add more passes to the store so we can play with the new class too


So you are gonna main Arcanist?

free punika pass and a new express event uwu


No need to main any class, I just play for fun and the existing classes are more than good already. I just need pass to level up my alts since they are depleted.


Oh great, thats why I love Amazon

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Don’t say this, people will call you whiteknight and trash talk :v


This idea of people waiting for a class with no release plan is fucking dumb… Like you’re setting yourself up and it’s funny to watch. Play the game or don’t but waiting for something you can’t control and getting pissy about it is crazy


If you don’t enjoy any of the available classes i suggest you to quit, there is no point playing a game if you don’t enjoy it lol, it’s easy as that.


What about enjoying the game because summoner was in the beta and got ripped off without any explanation. Now its at least half of a year for it with luck

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Like i said, if you can’t enjoy the game with the 18 classes available i suggest you to quit (im not trying to be rude or anything, i wouldn’t be able to play a game i don’t enjoy)

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Amazon worker?


I spit

Have fun, you, joel and the 100k zerker bots in some months <3

100k only? come on man, there are more than that right now

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Thinking about using it on a pala tho a punika pass deserves some thought

Thats the dumbest shit i ever heard

Sure, 75% from the playerbase already play their main, 100K zerk bots in your dream honey. Don’t forget to sent your gold before quiting. Bye!

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Holy shit this made me laugh quite hard.

Specially the reply to the free punika and express image :rofl:

I would use it to get a bard kekw

Same. I was slightly dissapointed that the classes are too slow and the legion raids are too fast. But it’s better to release the raids so we have something to work towards and weekly content.