Am very happy with the update

To be honest, I’m satisfied too. I love the new skins. :slight_smile:

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good luck getting them since they are rng and cost real $

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For me the update is mostly just “fine”. It’s all very expected and nothing really stands out. Granted, this is part of the problem with games being behind their originating regions; everyone already knows what to look forward to.

free punika pass but no class to use for :no_mouth:

Good luck u can spend hundreds and not get it becoz of rng, zeals already did that

they will give it with Arcanist probably

The only thing I’m happy about is more skins. I like the free Punika pass but we are going to see so much more bots now. The infestation is contagious and it’ll only keep spreading.

People shouldn’t have to quit because they are unhappy with the class releases. It’s absurd they thought 2 month release windows for classes was going to go over well with the player base. Some of us will be waiting maybe a year for the class we want while the rest of you are excited about the next damn carrot to chase.

We don’t need content, we need the rest of the classes. It’s hilarious they are releasing Legion raids more frequent than the damn classes we are missing, we just got Valtan 2 weeks ago and now we’re getting Vykas already in June.

But they are not enjoying the game without their main, and they are also angry at AGS why would they support AGS and the game if they are not having fun, if AGS isn’t listen to the players why would they support AGS? i don’t get it, i never do things i don’t like.

We do need content lol, also they released vykas 1 month after valtan on every single version of the game, RU, JP, KR

Yes and that was proven, even back then, to be a mistake. The Korean players had to tell Smilegate to slow down.

Nah, that just happen on KR not in the other regions cuz they got 4 raids on a single year and since it was the first region to get it they had to learn all those mechanics from scratch (not like us that we can see guides and things like that)

Not sure if ironic or just plain lunatic.

They’re atleast giving a powerpass & another express event - so you could boost both new classes unlike the LM & destroyer failure. That’s a plus for sure.

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I don’t think people are quitting just because of the class releases, but it is the straw that broke the camels back for alot of people.

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I mean the update is great, we getting new content, events, bridge, vykas, power pass, express event, the only “bad” part is the class release

I mean, yeah, but did you read the thread topic?

Yeah i did, he is happy for whats coming next month, not everyone thinks like you or me, maybe he is fine with 1 class every 2 months

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It just seemed to me like they were referring to the class release specifically.

You have a good mindset… Vvvvvibin’ in fact.

Oh yeah I agree. Good job Smilegate\Amazon.

Soon to be Arcanist enjoyer

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I mean yeah it could be a sarcastic post or maybe not, we won’t know XD

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