Amazing experience

So let me start off by saying im a veteran to MMOs. I was in some decent raiding guilds in WoW and a few other games blah blah blah. Im gonna use WoW as an example for my post. I started playing it in during WoTLK. I remember the hype of beating saurfang and other raid bosses after days to weeks progression time. The feeling of getting to down that hard boss is such a high that i havnt felt for many years. All my friends stopped playing and i was the only one left. Flash forward to Lost Ark, i havnt wanted to raid bc of the fear of failing or finding the right people to play with. Avoiding toxicity at all costs and just playing solo so i matchmake most things usually. Well i got in a guild and i met a friend (who is an aussie and im NA) and he has been an amazing friend to me. He has helped give me confidence in myself and helped me progress through this game and im in my mid 30s now so friends are hard to come by as you get older, at least it feels like to me. So he would say to me “hey lets go do argos p2 or p3” and i only ever matchmaked p1. I was hesitant but he talked me into it. He is the type to never get mad or be toxic. he likes to look for chill groups and find relaxes players who dont get upset when we wipe 4-5 times in the span of a small time frame. So i was hesitant to do valtan after watching streamers do it and it scared me and i doubted myeslf thinking “id never be able to do that. Id never make that counter” etc. But he convinced me to do it. Last night we got in a chill premade group and attempted P2 valtan. Honestly it was the best experience of LA for me so far. I met some amazing people and players. We wiped for MANY hours. We had players come and go and we kept meeting new people. After about 8-10 hours of wiping on valtan we finally downed him. The feeling i got when we succeeded was a feeling i havnt had for a long time in a game. Just some hours ago i had never met any of these people, was farming island souls and hesitant to do the raid. Now here i am just downed the hardest raid boss in the game (so far). We all were hyped and i just wanted to share my experience with you guys that are out there hesitant to do the content bc it seems hard or you dont have enough confidence in your playing ability. Everyone was super friendly and we guided or got guided if we had troubles with anything. Do it guys. It may suck, you will wipe…a lot sometimes, but when you DO down that boss or beat that content, the feeling will be amazing. Thank you for reading, thank you for the amazing game, and thank you for making me feel that feeling again