Amazing i crashed and now cant get back to the game because heavy traffic :(

This game is becoming not enjoyable to me with all the issues atm , might take a break and comeback later after all this gets sorted

what i understood , if you get disconnected can get back into the game without queue , but with heavy traffic how im suppose to do that? and then after some tries i meet the queue wall , this might feel a deja vu yes but is frustating…

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I was in queu and got from 15k to 6k and then the game soft-crashed into broken audio and nothing working including windows. After restart now I am in queu at place 18k. Can’t wait for them to announce amazing launch stats and hours that people have been playing the game during first month, I hope they add sub text “87% of hours played is spent in que.”

so sad :frowning:
18k queue is like 5h at minimum , well i guess il go do something else until then but if this keeps happening i dont know if ill keep coming back

Took me 4 hours from 15k to 6k. Only reason I even que at this point anymore is since I don’t have work for few days and will be staying up late so meh…

This is the worst game launch I’ve ever been in my life, it’s like it’s engineered to fail. Start with too few servers, let in more people than servers can handle. Then finally release the needed region with “Btw you can’t take ANYTHING with you there, you will lose all your store purchases, progress, and won’t even get char boosts, have fun and thanks for the platinum pack purchase!” :pensive:

ye i get it
but at least now they gave extra founder packs and you can still earn Powerpass in new region was confirmed last update post , but i already spent so much time and money into my character i don’t wanna do that all over again

And to be frank i already claimed all my twitch drops/ gifts in the server i am too , i rather quit and wait for the hype go away and comeback to my character.

Can we load into a different region via steam?

i saw someone posting somewhere a workaround to this , but i wouldnt do it can break tos and mess with anticheat so im not sure u can do it by steam besides keep trying to bypass the traffic error

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Yes you can do that by launching game and selecting different region on server selection, but you can’t transfers anything that you have spent time or money in the shop with you. So it’s fine for F2P players who did not spend any money, but for founders it’s a non-solution solution.

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