Amazon & AGS differences from my onion

Dealing with amazon to get what my house needs was great till this day they care about their customers so they gain trust and come back in the future to spend more money but dam with AGS we are living in sewage farm RMT still around patch notes is a joke the time for the maintenance is a waste for the day what can i say more ? the forums are full with many old and new words about AGS mostly negative if it had steam rating it would be definitely overwhelming negative as a business man i would not ask for more if what i have is enough cuz it will effect those customers around me they are milking us the Super hard way they can do many other things to survive but what they are doing is wrong to our community and an healthy the amount of toxicity is increasing day by day with their actions till this day since the lunch day of new world i only saw 3 to 7 complement topics towards AGS and i guess around 7k+ the negative topics i even my self did feel bad for them and did create a complement topic lol i just cant understand the strategies they have build to run this business i can see some things about how they are going to milk us in the next 6 months but i don’t think it will last streamers have the upper hand ++ community one day this milky bridge will fall down they already know we had our mats saved up they are doing mind manipulation over and over so they can get at least 1$ out of our Arzes yes this is a business but you dont do that by this type of manipulation WTF we are living in 2022 people are educated if most dont know about what you are doing someone will talk and the word will spread make something fun for us and get what you want i wouldnt mind anyway sorry for my bad english and IF you AGS

and yes i did type onion and not opinion i laughed so i typed it anyway have fun

Frustration with this company is getting to sky high level.
I wish you a strong nerves if you plan to stick with this game, because it is clear they care only about that 1% US whales.