Amazon as a publisher and the state of unplayability

After waiting for 8+ hours last night and finally going to sleep when servers actually worked.
This day i wake up late because i was waiting for so long i come online and start up lost ark to be greeted with a 16k+ queue.
That’s alright in my pov but the fact that the queue stops working after 1-2hours and you get stuck and have to start all over again is some stupid bullshit i cant comprehend.
Why isn’t there a function that keeps your queue status for example like 10minutes.
My friend got disconnected as he was at 3k queue and he got sent back to the fucking shadow realm at 18k where no man wanders. JUST TO GET STUCK AFTER 4 LONG HOURS AND FINALLY GIVING UP.
Fix your bullshit i just got sent back to 16k after 3hours in queue just to get stuck at 8k.
Don’t play this game until Amazon can get their shit together this shoulda been patched day1