Amazon behind the bots?

I feel as if they are behind the bots.

Rmters don’t get Perma banned because they know they are customers who pay botters and in-game cashshop, those botters could just be Amazon, artificially inflating the game everytime there is a major update/announcement. I mean, they aren’t in any rush to ban bots seeing as the same bots in party finder have been there since Argos (Fairyheihei). And funny enough every bot in party finder advertises AOEAH. They could’ve easily just banned all of those bots. Instead they probably do intentional bans on innocent players while at the same time logging off their bots to say “we did a ban wave”. Maybe they thought they could reach 1 million again but had to stop because the queues we’re affecting more players daily. I mean after the ban wave you can still see there is a straight line on the steam charts, af if people don’t log off, as if they left not all but their main bots that have been there for months now(Fairyheihei) to still keep making revenue on the “third party websites”.

And it’s just funny, I might be wrong but with everything that has happened and how they “respond” to everything it looks plausible.

lmaoo legit brain dead post are you good man

I think this is extremely speculative and just stems from a “we don’t trust Amazon” viewpoint. A lot of your points like “intentional bans on innocent players” and them generating revenue on “their third-party websites” are completely baseless. By the same logic, I could claim you’re an extremely high-profile botter who’s trying to direct the players’ frustration onto Amazon instead of the actual botters and RMTers, without any proof whatsoever.

It’s fine to express your dislike for Amazon and their handling of the bot situation, but spread enough of these baseless claims around as rumors and it’ll just add fuel to the fire of discontent for absolutely no reason.

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If there’s foul play it’s on SMG side.

Yes, they are behind the bots you crackec the case Where would we be with out your crack pot detective work. Yall need to seriously grow up. Keep speculating and keep making an ass out of your self by doing so