AMAZON bots and the response to it. Recomendation

Amazon the game is getting full of bots and many of my friends are thinking on leaving because this is getting to the joke side, as a response you banning people that isn’t a bot, stop putting your dev teams working on algos for banning bots which lead to this kind of trouble.

There are several recommendations the community can make but you are the one that should look ahead on those actions… Anyways start by adding 2FA to the game, that will creep 90% of the bots while also add a layer of protection to our accounts. Work proactively not reactively, you are too big of a company to be making this kind of errors.

For those who don’t know 2FA stands for 2 Factor Authentication, it can be made several ways but the most cheap and common one is using mobile phones as verifiers. So you log in, get a phone verification, then its you. This not only provides us with an extra “dynamic password” for our accounts which ends up in a bigger security wall but also forces bot makers into advanced and more demanding systems which will make most of them go next game.

This is the best mmorpg game I played in many years, I don’t want it to go dead because poor and late decisionmaking…


100% agree the bots is problem nr 1, solve this first and let everything else go for now. the game will 100% die if the bots dont go away.

and what is 2fa?

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2 factor auth. Used for account security, but if made mandatory it also works to inhibit, not stop, bot creation. Especially if they were to use something like a phone number where you have to text back to confirm it’s you. As long as they limited it to something like 1-2 accounts per number.

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I agree and would love to see 2FA. I don’t know why MMOs or other vulnerable genres still shy away from what would massively deter the creation of bots.

Yes, it would be beaten by some. However, there is currently no barrier to entry for LOA. This would deter a significant number of botters who simply don’t want to deal with the added hassle of buying new phone numbers.

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one pc per account one phone number per account one steam account per account :smile: . i dont really see how hard this could be.

i imagine all the bots would be gone.

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