Amazon Customer Support

this message is only to the amazon staff. I have been a Loyal Customer to you guys for many years. for the Most part 99.99 percent of the time I have been very satisfied with the customer service. but the last few months and going back to new world I have been very Unsatisfied and Unhappy customer. I do understand your kind of New in this field (gaming Industry) so im not going to be to harsh. I have patients but I just wanted to let you know i have been a little Disappointed in the way you handle Customer service. I will continue to support you guys and Lost Ark game But I really hope you can Learn somthing from these experiences from others and Hope that you can Make better communications to the Customers.

Best wishes.

The customer service really do be poopy and useless. #constructivecriticism

They have way too many people as part of the “tier 1” support which is strictly clerical and no power. Just answers questions and a lot don’t even know the rules or policies so they just literally search the forums for answers which you may have already seen. And the staff that can actually do stuff like having dev tools at their possession is too small and spread out thin. They’re pretty much mystical at this point with how thick tier 1 support is.

We come to support when we need help with something beyond our control. But most of the time, it’s like asking for directions and they point it out to you than actually drive you there because there’s no method of transportation that’s available to reach that point. Support should act like a vehicle than a sign with an arrow.