Amazon does NOT care about fixing BOTS

This is not a new issue. Players have been quitting since shortly after launch due to the ridiculous botting problem, and those who stick around have been begging for a solution. The new players I talked to have all quit before leaving Luterra. How can a game sustain itself if no new players stick around? It is hard to get feedback from these players, because those who quit do not stay on these forums or the subreddit.

Every single “solution” put into place by Amazon so far has failed to make a meaningful dent in the botting population. The reality is this: if you are unable as a dev team to solve a basic issue (that Runescape solved 10+ years ago), the game will die as a result. The health of the game is directly tied to the dev team’s ability to solve problems, which so far has been inadequate on all fronts.

I have changed my view after several months of no progress. I do not believe Amazon actually cares about the botting problem. There have been no meaningful changes in over 3 months aside from a few cryptic assurances that the bot problem is a “priority”. The bots have inflated the steam player counts, which has been used as a metric of success by Smilegate in Korea - this should be the biggest red flag of all. Does Amazon use playerbase as a metric of success too?

It all starts to make sense from that perspective. If “more players = better game”, why would they get rid of a free 350k boost to the steam charts at all hours?

June 11 Edit:

Still no botting solution, and the problem is getting worse. Pent up frustration and anger is causing players to begin targeting the wrong demographic - the RMT buyers. Sure, if there were no buyers the bots would not have a reason to exist, but there will never be a shortage of people who will pay money to skip grinding.

The bots are directly competing with Amazon for the same customers who spend money in this game, and the ones who will keep the servers running. Banning the competitor is more important than banning the customer. Why have they not done this?

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I really enjoy this game, but I feel guilty for enjoying it because it has become a game that none of my friends want to touch, and I have no counter to the arguments they make.


and we only have 130-170k real players out of 585k. that is sad
divide that into 5 (NA, EU, SA, SEA and OCE)

too many RMTers, too many infinite chaos botters. no wonder we are losing players every update lmao


Even sadder when that number keeps going down because the new player experience is so terrible. Nobody is going to replace the existing players who burn out and get tired of this.


That’s so sad to read - because it is true.

I love to play Lost Ark, but it is weird to know that all my efforts will never be enough to counter bots/RMTs.

Inevitably, Lost Ark will die in Western in a year or two At this pace.

Still, CMs in the forum prefer to close posts against bots, scam reports, reports against carry culture toxicity instead of make their job and report how sad is the community with the game distribution behaviors in Western.

Nothing in this game is fair due bots and how AGS poorly is distributing the game in Western. Amateurs.


I like how they write “users” and not “players”. :disguised_face:


I recently leveled up a completely new character on a different server and I must say I am shocked about how many bots are running around in Luttera, Tortoyk, Annika and Arthethine. I barely see any real players only hundreds of bots doing the same thing over and over again. I am sure AGS and SG are working on this, but I am heavily worried about the pure mass of bots and how they effect the game…

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I’m not quite sure what it’s worth, but we do indeed care about bots and are constantly working on different ideas to lessen the bot presence.


You guys are still on this? The bots don’t affect your gameplay and you rarely see them after leaving North Vern. Move on.


If amazon cares about anything besides money alot would be different.

Bot problem is not hard to solve… but all smilegate and ags is capable of doing is punishing legit players.

Player population is down to 135k on at a time with 300-350k bots

You allow chaos dungeons to be bot farmville content and ignore it constantly.

But hey, because of the bots i have full 4x3 engravings from relic accessories from chaos dungeons. Each bot can farm 300+ relic accessories a week. Even though i dont bot i get some benefits?


My bad, forgot most of the people here are still stuck in T1 complaining about gold and silver income. For those of us that actually play this game, bots do not affect the gameplay. I do chaos dungeons, guardian raids, abyssal content, legions raids, and horizontal content just fine. These bots are annoying to see but are not affecting my gameplay in any meaningful way. I’ll let you guys get back to taking the same 1:1 screenshot of Vern Castle where you see 99% of bots.

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How about start by perma banning RMTers? Seems like the one thing you guys haven’t decided to try. 3 day bans is the equivalent of fining a multi billion dollar company a few million dollars, the cost of doing business.

And there’s also the fact that you 1. haven’t removed infinite chaos dungeon or 2. made the items from the dungeon shop untradeable. It’s not a far fetch to guess that bots = inflated numbers = game is “popular”.


They do ban them. 1-3 days :joy:

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ahaha true. only a few days for buying 1 Million Gold

I just sat through a 1.5 hour queue on an early Sunday afternoon, must have been all of the legit players at peak hours?


Dude people that sell gold make their living from bots. You can put as many obstacles as you want in their way and they will try to bypass them.

Saying they don’t care about bots is literally just attention seeking on forums

Dude Bots are in Punica and South Vern already! And they wont stop!

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sorry but AGS cares about bots in a way that the more bots the better numbers. the better numbers the more AGS share holders happy! thats it. theres no other way!

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lol, they are all over punika now.

Honestly if they could just make a ‘right click > report for suspected botting’ option (no popup window, just send the report). It would help increase the amount of people reporting them. Other games do this and more people will help flag bots this way, if it doesn’t require a new window and a minimum character count. (Especially when 20 are running by and you’re expected to fill out a text box).

Also I can’t even find a way to report people hosting parties that are just ‘buy my golds at I-am-a-giant-pos.c0m’ as the title.

They need to start aggressively flagging and locking trading on brand new berserkers that meet other botlike conditions. They seem to all have the exact same pathing, they likely have the same travel time between certain npcs. The names are blatantly obvious, but I’m not sure they’d have a reliable way to check for that with code. Could honestly just have people manually sit at somewhere like Vern and periodically ban bots that run by. It’s not a great solution, but at this point it’s the only thing that can potentially annoy them to the point of quitting.

I think a simple right click report and a system to check for account age and having trading locked (maybe try to even hide that behind a ‘connection error’ or just have it visually show up as listed, but hide it for every player). Have them waste as much time on each account that can’t trade. Could then manually scroll through a list of ‘fjjdhfjfhewjnf’ names and ignore all the obvious bot ones, allow trading again on ones that aren’t bots.

Either way without some drastic action, theres no reason for bots to ever stop. They’ll run for months and then make new accounts when they finally get banned in a huge wave. No loss of investment for them.

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What annoys me the most is there’s no in-game moderation to at the very least monitor the bots and ban a heap of them at once and monitor real world transactions taking place on a daily basis there’s plenty of players that need to be investigated because it’s very clear if a player who views someone else’s gear and they have max level gems and +20 on all there armour and there weapon that there’s a high chance they obtained gold illegally, these people need a permanent ban if found guilty of rmt.