Amazon Founder pack not delivered yet

I pre-ordered a Golden Founder Pack from Amazon but other than the email of confirmation that the pre-odrder was successful, no other email has been sent to me yet. When are we going to receive the download link and the code to link on Steam? Today is 7th and is past Noon in my country… Are we waiting for the US timezone?


In 6 hours keys will be send out.

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Thanks for reply!

Just a little longer, my friend! We’re all in the same boat!

Just got my Amazon notification but no Key. Getting nervous about getting it in time. Already preloaded the game, just need that key!

my key has been delivered but no place to DL the PLAT pack on steam or activate the code

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[EDIT] Ok the key is needed if you bought via Amazon site, but NOT if you did from Steam.

If you bought via steam it should look some like this.

I received my email with the key 30 mins or so, already downloaded 20ish GB.
You don’t get a link just the key, you need steam to download.

Log into your STEAM client:

Look at the Top Left tabs:


possibly only if you purchased via steam. Purchased mine through Amazon.

Ah well, yeah in EU or my country at least, that was not an option :slight_smile:

I purchased via Amazon too. You receive an email with a key code, open steam and at the top of it look for “Redeem Key”, follow the steps and the download will start automatically.

so i bought the plat pack from amazon, I DL the game from steam then once it was DL the free version I redeemed the Plat pack key from amazon yet you cannot DL the plat pack

Should not be anything extra to download, its already in the download. Just look at the steam page and see if you got the DLC linked to the Lost Ark.

The game files you download, contains the data already, else other people that later play for free, would not see your pet, mount, skin… All the game needs to know is what to enable and not for your account.

Did anyone’s Key come in a separate Email? I received the order confirmation, but no key was attached.

I didn’t receive anything extra, just they key to download the game. Whatever founder’s pack you purchased SHOULD be in the download as a whole.

Yes, at least to those who preordered days ahead. I first got a pre-order confirmation email, and only today I received the key with the purchase mail.

Right on, I order mine to get beta access. I’m guessing I should have a key, but its not showing up. I’ll continue to search around! Thanks for your help friend.

Wait, are you talking about the packs sold for/during the beta? Because those have expired long ago… :disguised_face: