Amazon games ghosted me (?)

Hello, first of all, I would like to point out that English is not my first language, so there may be errors in this post, having said that, thanks for reading.

I don’t know if you will remember the pc giveaway that was published on April 21 (here), it turns out that I am one of the winners, amazon contacted me via email, he sent me the following message:

Dear player,
We have good news! Congratulations, you are the winner of the Lost Ark Custom PC Giveaway!
Please provide us with an ES-based address for us to ship the prize to. Please note that shipping may take up to 8 weeks as these may have to be shipped internationally. If you cannot provide an ES-based address, we must comply with our giveaway Terms & Conditions and pick a different winner within 72hrs of the original email.
Please provide the address by July 9th.
See you in Arkesia!
-Lost Ark Team

So far so good, I replied with my address, but they never answered me, I contacted the technical service and the only thing they have been able to tell me is that the email address corresponds to the EMEA marketing team, but that they have no way of contacting with them, I have also tried to contact the admins of the forum but I have not received a response, I have also tried through discord but they have directed me to technical support.

All I want is a tracking number so I don’t have to worry 24/7 about whether or not the package will arrive.

I write in general with the hope that some mod or admin reads it and can do something. And to entertain the rest of you a little bit.

Thanks for your time.

Sincerely, A Concerned Arkesian.


Congrats. Hope they follow through, good luck getting a genuine response though


Have you tried pinging the official twitter as well as pinging your regional twitter for ASUS ROG?

Link to the original post promoting it for NA:

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I don’t use twitter much so I hadn’t, it’s worth a try though, thanks.

Not much else to go on since even the terms and conditions pages for the promotion no longer work for whatever reason

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You also don’t seem to be alone in this issue:


Thanks, I searched the forum a week ago and there was nothing about my problem, to see that the same thing happened to someone else is curious, there are already 2/5 winners to whom Amazon does not answer our emails.

Only other thing I can think of since their T&C pages are gone (which is very suspicious as those would have the legal contact information), i’d probably also try reaching out to the sponsored creators that designed the cases to see if they have an extra avenue of contact.

After all, it would make them look bad being associated with a scam (obviously be polite about it and don’t accuse them of scamming or anything, they could have just been contracted for a one off project)

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I don’t think it was a scam, I just think things haven’t been coordinated to give us an answer or follow up. At the moment I have created the post in the forum and I have contacted them on twitter (thanks for the idea) if in two weeks (they would already do the eight weeks that the email indicated that it could take to arrive) I have no news or the pc does not arrive I would see what else I can do, but for now with the forum post and twitter I hope they can tell me something.

Theres another Post bout this. Got no official answer aswell. Seems u got scammed.

Yeah, i see the other post, I don’t think it’s a scam, I contacted amazon’s technical service and they told me that the email from which it was sent belonged to amazon’s EMEA marketing team.

But if you mean that amazon is trolling, I totally agree xD.

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@Roxx Could you look into this matter to see if you can find out something, please.

Three of the five winners are having this problem, the other two have not commented.

Let me see what I can do – if you could DM me a screenshot of the winning email and any additional information here on the forums it would be super helpful. Thanks!!


Custom pc giveaway winners - #22 by Abubangbangbang exact same issue here

glad you were able to get a cm to respond at least we will figure something out

I have already sent the message to roxx, when roxx tells me something about the giveaway I will tell you both about it through this post @Abubangbangbang @nimrod.

thanks man, i also sent roxx all my info that i had and she responded to my dm as well. hope we get this figured out

Messages received and passed to the team from all of you :slight_smile:


today i received another email from the original email , was wondering if you also had gotten one


yeah, seems like we are close to get the pc :blush: .