Amazon gave me a Founders Pack I didn't own during the reissue and Banned me for it

A consolidated repost of both my threads, since my Appeals and Tickets are being ignored.
I hope this one gets the attention it deserves. Case ID: D41690661
To Amazon, you don’t need to tell me that you’re still “undergoing investigation” anymore.
I’ve saved you time and done the investigating for you, please review this.

Steam Account: jp0c88
Character: Faey
Server: Una, NA-East

I initially purchased the Silver Founders pack over a year ago with my friends.
Closer to the release date I found that I really liked the Bard exclusive costume and also wanted another set of the Lawmaker skins to give to another character.

Finally decided to “upgrade” my founders pack but realized that the only way to do so was to perform a Steam refund on the Silver pack (Done before the founders release) and purchase the Gold and Platinum ones. (as seen in the screenshots).

I never owned a Silver Pack when the game launched, only a Gold and Platinum one.

Fast forward 2.5 weeks post release, I get hit with a ban and received the commerce lock message. I’ve attempted 3 appeals thus far and have been met with the same replies regardless of whatever information I provide in the appeal ticket form. I’ve even tried the live chat and sadly have not been able to get through to anyone who can actually help and review the case.

I requested a GDPR from Amazon during the initial week of the ban that shows the exact ban reasoning but did not arrive until 3/08.

I was unbanned on 3/10, during which I was able to buy crystals in-game BTW, then banned again on 3/16. (After the hotfix, when everyone else was receiving the 3-day suspension problem)

For reference, you can see quite a lot of information here - and no, 100% no RMT, seen in my Mail History CSV.

Under the Moderation Penalties this is what I see.

Between 3/10 and 3/16 I was overjoyed to be playing again and even bought Crystals on Steam to catch up with my friends. They sent me thousands of mats they’ve been hoarding for the week in case I ever got unbanned.

On 3/16 I was banned again and similar to the first time, my appeals were not reviewed properly.
I did however, go to Live Chat and was told the following.

For some odd reason AmazonGames seems to be insinuating that I was never unbanned at all despite proof of purchase on Steam here.

On top of the additional 53 hours played from the last time I was banned till today.

Played hours when first ban occurred - March 3rd:

Played hours after the ban reversal and the new ban - March 10th - 16th:

After much self investigation I found out that Amazon gave me a Silver Founders Pack during the reissue of these packs. That I must have claimed without realizing due to the sheer amount of free stuff we got that week.

The highlighted rows 100% confirms it, as well as the fact that I never had the Silvers Founders Pack on release. (See line 26 as the first item I ever claimed on launch). Lines 14-16 indicate what I received on that date which were the reissued Founders Packs.

Here is the DLC I own on Steam visible to me. (No Silver Founders Pack)

I’ve waited over 3 weeks by now and have still been ignored despite having more than enough proof.

I hope this helps anyone who has been banned wrongfully moving forward - I honestly don’t care to play anymore but I’m hoping that AG can at least return the items and refund the payments I made.



If AGS is uncompromisingly defiant, you could contact PayPal and raise your issue with them, ultimately you can try charging them back with the help of your bank.

Yeah I considered this as well as my last resort as it could damage my Steam account.

Create a Steam support ticket, they’ll do what AGS won’t. Talk to a CM Discord if you still want to play the game, but they might ban you for sneezing so don’t act aggrieved or upset. I wish I was joking. It won’t damage your Steam to get a chargeback either.

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Hey, I’ve done this to have them verify that I don’t own a Silver Founders pack already.
I created a new ticket yesterday to show them the GDPR information I got about the Silver Pack.
I feel there is a disconnect between communication of Amazon and Steam that caused this.

[redacted CM name] didn’t even know this game was entirely Steam dependent so that doesn’t surprise me. lol

This is unsettling, did you sell anything from those re-issued packs?

I got an extra Bronze I didn’t purchase, let it sit there for over a month waiting for it to be removed before finally clearing the red mark from the notifications. Just used the pet rather than trying to sell it, pretty sure it was Untradable anyway.

I did not sell anything from either Founders packs. All the items/skins are in use by my roster.

I had the same issue, I never got a response.

I claimed my extra founders packs and parked them in my personal storage without opening them, hoping for a clarification on the issue.

Mindful of you to have noticed it before opening.
Sadly for me I did not even realize what I was opening because all these chests look similar in the inventory.

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Case ID: D41690661
According to your live chat support.

Bumping again - @Roxx
The amount of time I’ve played is almost the same amount of time I’ve been banned FYI

Can we get some resolution to this?