Amazon has done an amazing job on BOTs

AGS Says Every Week They Are Working on BOTs, RMTs, Tremendous Work. Brilliant Work. See the results, the number of people online has risen to 850,000, and the queue has grown from 800-1300 to 8000-13000.

Great results, the number of Arkesian is growing rapidly. More and more heroes are eager to unleash their fury on chaos monsters, on Legion Leaders, but need to queue for an hour first. Why don’t you put on more servers for them? The operators of the BOTs also know to add more machines to generate more golds for growing RMTers. Why don’t you do the same? Or you actually know that the new high online number is vain?

You really need to punish RMTers, make a List of some 1490 players, Check the source of their gold, ban them permernantly(or negative their gold if you think better)after weekly maintenance if violation, and keep doing this for several weeks. RMT behavior will not be so rampant. Your only need 1 or 2 GMs for this deterrent work.

But what are you doing now?Randomly checked, banned for three days?Looks like a joke. This ridiculous punishment encourage them to buy these cheaper gold from BOTs.

Looks like you’re on their side. You dare not ban them for fear of losing “players”, but these “players” won’t actually spend a penny in your store. Almost everything can be bought with gold. You also need bots to make online number look better. Look, 850k, what a huge number. But after weekly maintenance, how can you explain the ridiculous 100k to 150k online number?

BOTs operator got dollar, RMTers got cheaper gold, and you got a beautiful online number. Three win, You are on the same side.

Are you getting ready to celebrate 900,000 online? 1 million online? Surely, the day will come, the shameful day will come.

Shame on you, AGS.