Amazon. how about a poll for skins to know what your players want?

So apparently, Omen and the new suit skins are what “players want”.

Was there a poll somewhere? How do you know this is what players want? How did you target your audience in a way to represent the majority ?

Amazon, I highly suggest you do a poll for the skins people want to be released. Players will be happy, and you make money.

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Everyone i know either wants cute/casual skins or sexy ones. (And that’s the same opinion i’m finding online)
It seems like they’re trying to please a small target audience or they are just that bad at guessing what players want (heh imagine if there was a way of getting feedback from players… oh wait)
I would also want to know who asked for omen skins and was it more than 1 person that voice mattered more than the thousands wanting sexy/casual skins


We’ve had polls both for skins and classes, and feedback has been shared constantly since and during up to release. There is no way they are unaware about either topic.

Things are moving slowly internally, or they have their own ideas and on some topics feedback is not taken into account regardless how much of it gets forwarded. Both are undesirable, but I’d prefer if what was being said mattered even if just a little.


more dino skins please

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I read that message that as players want skins that are sexy or not sexy, not “players want omen skin” so…what? Bikini skins are season based, KR players say they’re released during the summer. Is it summer yet? Honestly I’d rather filter through the “crappy” skins and then just get all good ones after.

Amazon. how about a poll for skins to know what your players want?

That would be like adding a filter toggle for lewd outfits. The changes and design choices aren’t made to appease one side. The changes and design choices are designed as an unflinching law set in stone.

And it’s polled sent to Smilegate for approval for release and denied then what. Smilegate pulls the trigger on what is released and what isn’t.

It’s funny you mention this because there are competitions for skin design and smilegate actually implements the skin design that wins the competition.

They’re releasing the unpopular skins while there is still a skin drought because they know they will sell more now with fewer options.

I think that’s about it.

Are the casual and cute outfits “seasonal” too ? Because omen / sexy isn’t all the skins Korea gets.

Think business; while you’re willing to wait for “better skins to come out later” Amazon is losing money from skins until then.

If you consider that when they do finally release those skins they will sell well, but these unpopular ones wouldnt, it makes sense to sell them first while player options are limited.

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It’s not like there aren’t tons of skins that aren’t released yet. They’ve been giving us scraps for way too long.

How about a mix? How about making money now ?

Can’t tell if this is a counter argument but it still remains that Smilegate is the one that pulls the trigger on a lot of it. I understand that there’s a competition and the next one that’s up for polling is for their 4th anniversary but from what I can glean is that AGS has to run things through Smilegate to approve unlocks and releases of things. Idk how their contract is but I don’t think the host of the game can willingly release things without devs approvals

Give your source. Because yes as another user here mentioned, Smilegate actually makes designs based on a poll by its players.

Refer to my comment above. Is it AGS decision to release this or is it Smilegates decision

They have players design new skins and the community votes on which ones to make.

Too bad we will never get that option and those skins will be sold to us while theyre given free to kr players.

That makes sense and i agree with them not releasing all the skins at once and what not, however i think they could also make money by releasing some wanted skins.
People are impulse buyers they start playing and they want to buy a skin on the first day and
alot of those players will quit without ever buying a skin because there simply isn’t anything to buy.(as they’re not within the target audience which is quite thin) This is alot of potential money AGS losing.
IMO both the players and ags is losing on that, altho i am not a marketing proffesional.

So what players must do is show discipline and not buy skins they dont like.


A poll? :smile: You have no idea how “what people want” is determined here, don’t you :smile:


Obviously you do thought, please enlighten us :slight_smile: