Amazon incompetence


I should start from saying that Lost Ark is solid title, you can see a lot of quality solutions, some logic on background and overall all pieces are coming into whole. As a long time MMO player Im enjoying mostly quality of life improvements, cause let’s be honest, there is not much innovation in this game, they just made it better. For someone who’s looking for PvE title that’s 8/10 or 11/10 if you’re into this visual type of game.

AGS from other hand… are those guys having same wage as Amazon warehouse employees? Seems like skill set is same. My anger was slowly piling up with New World but i was trying to justify their failures with lack of experience. Now Im starting to realize it’s just low quality of work. They probably have two different departments for each game and it’s only hosting for Lost Ark but goddamit… maybe try to build ships in bottle instead? Outsource it to smaller company who actually know what they doing? Don’t you have any agreements with Lost Ark and don’t have to pay fees now? Hope you do.


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You do understand that unreal engine 3 and game infrastructure do have certain limitations that you cannot simply hop over and it’s not gonna get better without new implementations.