Amazon information

basically wrote a ticket to support regarding queue issues (well i could do this ) and some other stuff not quite related to in-game purchases nor game shop but here is the answer that could bring some news:

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It’s literally copypaste of forum post, ya got hit with autoreply my dude.

i know and im absolutely sad but well…

Mind if I can get a copy of your initial message? (you can DM to me if you wish) I would like to flag this internally.


at least they are working on the shop first, so when we do get into the game we can buy things :slight_smile:

damn only 3 more hours of posting on forums while in the queue.

After week of waiting for response to my ticket regarding my missing twitch drops i just understood they don’t care very much, i stopped caring myself.


@AbeVin - you got them in trouble now! haha

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This is sooooo going to twitter and reddit xD


Looks like someone is loosing their job.

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Oh god …
Is this sad or funny?
You can’t make this stuff up imagine copy/pasting and mixup two different prewritten answers…

AGS Support will only use templated responses for 99% of their tickets, which are submitted.

The only time you may get a personalized response, is when one of their senior agents has to take a case.

But I’m sorry to say that their support team is under a lot of pressure due to a ton of upset individuals related to the handling of the game servers by AGS. So they are just throwing out templates based upon certain keywords, which are found in your tickets.

So do not expect top quality service, and it’s something, which will never change, until they have a more dedicated/proper support structure.

They’re probably also using Zendesk, which is limited on what you can do & see. So a lot of cases are probably being escalated to their “senior” team, who are not outsourced support.

Sounds like someone in CS with a bit of understanding on how general servers work, trying to explain things with their understanding and not with actual facts

Last time i’ve checked Amazon branded themselves as “most customer oriented company on planet” so i see, so i see…

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That’s hilarious. The nerves.

Reminded me of this :rofl:

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I really hope that the person who wrote this won’t get fired. Assuming what she is saying is true, she explained the situation really well and gave some transparency regarding the issue. If anything, give this person a raise for honesty.

hoping for the same,
i dont blame her for improper/not related to my ticket reply nor for this kind of information.
She did a wonderful job. Her reply was very kind and what is the most important - very fast. Tho not really helpful but at least gave me kind of feeling that something will happen soon.


Answer was completely irrelevant to the question in ticket tho.

Reminds me of what Newegg told Gamers Nexus in an interview.

“There is a disconnect between quality of service vs expedition of service, where agents are forced to be quick to meet metrics and number goals. This leads to poor customer experience.”

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Relax guys, I was kidding about the firing part, in any sensible company, this would just result in a warning, someone will just have a bad time explaining this to a manager. And that’s just assuming it’s not just an algorithm that didn’t work properly.
I do hope they are not firing people like this on a first offence

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