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+1, Nobody should lose job over that, however it’d be nice if they cared about us.

I appreciate the kindness I’m seeing from folks here; I just want to reassure that it isn’t the intent to get anyone in trouble for this, because mistakes totally happen. Just want to make sure this doesn’t become part of a larger issue, and help resolve and improve the system where it is possible (I’m not on the CS team myself, but sharing player feedback is a large part of my job!)


It is related to some degree though. We know theyre all interrelated things, thats why they cant just increase capacity of servers, or increase the number of servers in a region, because whatever is handling the load, isnt capable of handling this much. Same goes for aura, its regionwide, so when that server crashes, aura also goes down.

For the first time since the launch of new world, i’ve read a dev comment that actually gave me some trust. Good job.

You are probably aware that the CS team which handled new world is absolutely terrible (it goes much worse than what OP got here) and i would be very sad to experience the same thing in lost ark

gj dude

You got this poor CS agent into trouble.

That is why they will get fired. AGS hates transparency.

Do you actually think the CS team is likely to be different or even different people?

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Let me cope

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I am willing to bet even the CMs here are the same people using different forum names.

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@shadowfox unironically was trying lost ark out during the first founder headstart days
Seems like we can’t ping him anymore huh
thats a normal user

Phew! Nice to know. The CS in question managed to evoke empathy which is rare and she didn’t answer in a bot-like manner. Thank you @Roxx for putting us at ease. Your latest interventions are much appreciated.