Amazon, Instead of banning VPNs try this

Why not just disable Gold trading(ctrl+right click—trade) and mailing?


  • prevents sending of gold (farmed by bots) via mail and trade
  • reduces RMT
  • Lost Ark Shop will be the easiest way to get gold (yay! more money for Amazon)

Note: I know. RMT can do ghost trading on auction house, but it makes it harder and risky. And for bots, NO MORE INSTANT DELIVERY…muhahaha


  • cannot do legit personal transactions to friends, guildmates, etc.

So if bots can’t(or have a hard time) send gold to customers, what’s the point of botting? RIGHT?

What are your thoughts on these?


Do you know they can do RMT through AH?

Gold transactions are made on auction house XD

Yeah! I wrote it on the NOTE part tho. But bottomline is, bots can’t do instant delivery anymore :slight_smile: You know, I just want to make life harder for these botters!

I think they should just crack down on RMTers, state out that they are planning to make the ban permanent, and then enforce it. You shouldn’t strive to reduce RMT, but to abolish it completely.
Side note: Guys he literally states it in the post about auction house trading.


AH is riskier though, and it limits the way people can receive the gold. It’s possibly easier to track as well. Not to mention requires Pheons.

Easier to just “ban” legitimate players using VPNs while people buying gold get slaps on the wrist. lol

ban them instead , no buyer they gona move to others game , fist ban wave and those rmt,buyer only got banned 3 day so ofc they rampart now

I agree with you 100%. They are either too lenient with RMT’ers by not permanently banning them or they just do not ban anyone that has not spent “enough” money on RMT in their eyes. Even $5 of RMT needs to be a permanently bannable offense. It ruins the game and makes us who play by the rules look like clowns by spending 5x the money for the same amount of gold.

Tc has a very good point. This would cripple their service structure.

Other games have done the same thing for similar reasons and it works.

Remove the ability to mail or trade gold and the sellers cannot reliably deliver gold to their customers.

Man, i missed that. It required PHEONS! You are so right on this. I can’t imagine these bots farming for pheons too :rofl:

i feel like i missed something.

i thought VPNs were always against TOS. so whats changed that people are talking about it now? lol

Well i mean were they legitimate if they were using VPNs? But I do agree, crack down on RMTers harder.

They’d probably just tack the “cost” of the Pheons onto the price of the gold and charge it to the buyer.

It does not require pheons. RMT through Auction House is just asking the buyer to put up a gem with a unique Minimum Price and Buy Now for an incredible price, and the seller just purchases the gem. Even a level 30 character can do this.

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I just read a thread that they prevented VPN users from logging in to prevent bots but the issue is… there are still bots in the game and other real players cannot login now. (I don’t user VPN btw)

Sure its against the TOS, but so is RMT.

Amazon’s stance is “perma ban VPN users!” while “Oh you’re ruining the economy of the game and buying gold? Think about what you’ve done for a day and don’t do it again mmkay?”

Also, I don’t use a VPN and my account’s connectivity has been affected.

weird. i checked twitter and even googled lol

i found nothing new o.O but i just saw they did a news post on forums.

Thats why theres levels of severity. Im saying they should increase the consideration for the level of severity for their policy on RMT. VPN’s probably has a higher severity in their minds and so the ban is stronger. They aren’t equalized, and Im saying they should be.

I see, now I have a clearer picture of this. Now I wanna put up my gems at higher prices :rofl:
But then, if this is the case, then the Bot-farmed gold trading and RMT is centralized in AH? So it’s easier to track down, but Amazon can’t put a moderator on AH to crack down on these transactions??? :neutral_face:

Ah yeah, I guess if they use the AH instead of market, no pheons needed.