Amazon is doing artificial intelligence social research in Lost Ark

They have already collected enough human data. In days, they game will only have bots. They train these AIs to learn trading and running life individually themselves in a New World.

The research will reveal the operation of a society with AIs. Probably it is the next step of Amazon. They will bring these AI to Mars and let them develop there, then in a decade, the AI will find 7 Arks and come back to earth and save human beings.


With the way AGS has been pushing out “solutions” which fixes nothing, there will only be bots left, including those players who act like bots. Such as the popular troll group DKJD (their initials) on these forums.


If by AI you mean whatever joe in marketing thinks.

This is exactly what they want. You will see human players quitting and bots dominate the game

If all the real players leave the bots would leave too because who would buy their gold.

The other bots will buy their gold. This is a self sustaining world.