Amazon is doing the nerf wrong

I did Hall of twisted warlord. And the wipe mechanics on the second boss have been nerfed. I think that is the wrong strategy for nerfing. These raids are there to teach us new players about game mechanics and to make us better at the game. Making these mechanics easier will result in a significant difficulty jump when we reach harder content.

My suggestion would be instead of nerfing wipe mechanics, reduce the amount of stagger damage required to stagger the boss. That way we have more time to properly do the mechanic and still meet the stagger check. Or for hectic fights like Tytalos reduce the damage output of the boss so that people are not punished super hard for stepping into things while trying to stay close to the tornadoes. Just my two cents.

They should have changed NOTHING at all (damage or mechanic-wise even HP wise) and simply gave everyone the mokoko (sprout) buff that’s on RU/KR. This buff gave everyone at t1/t2 a 30% damage buff and 40% damage reduction buff.

When people felt like hp was increased by 50% or damage was really high, they weren’t completely wrong, they just didn’t know where the difference was coming from.

Amazon can’t change anything buddy. Go cry to Smilegate, they decide all the development of the game. Maybe if y’all didn’t suck so much they wouldn’t have Nerfed it.

I loved hard mode and did it all before the nerf. I wish they kept it but it was inevitable. What do you expect when the congaline of FOMO WoW players shimmy into this game?

We Korean player played this content 12 Months.
Now in Global everyone need to learn it in 12 Days.