Amazon is going to hate me again. I'm back on the forum

I’m back on the forum. Amazon doesn’t like me when i showed them some issues going on right now. spread this video Ethier you like him or not. but it is better for the Lost Ark community to spread this video so amazon should address this. Listen up closely, Amazon or whoever is running that damn place. THE LOST ARK COMMUNITY NEED YOU RIGHT NOW!!! We need you to stop this nonsense and get your act together and figured it out how to stop the bot or something to prevent them ruining the game. This is not fair to the Lost ark community. We deserve an answer and what the heck is going behind the scene. Do you guys have some sort of program to stop the bot?? Do you guy care??? do guys play the game?? we need answers. The Truth Behind Bots in Lost Ark... - YouTube

I don’t think you will make anything better with a post like that…

and back off you go