Amazon is NOT planning to fix Abyssal Dungeon lockout bug

TLDR; They are only trying to stabilize the server that this doesn’t happen.

If you try to enter Abyssal Dungeon during prime time (which is from morning to late night in EU) you get kicked out of this weekly dungeon at some point and the game thinks you got the loot so you cannot enter it again. Because you actually haven’t completed it you cannot enter the subsequent ones as well sometimes 1-2 extra dungeons. This is huge time loss for players who have been pushing to tier2 to get into t3.

Amazon actually have a fix for this and have previously helped some of the players in the past week (I will link the related forum post down below check that). But because they don’t want to help every person one by one, they now aren’t giving out these fixes, which is only an in-game mail that lets you access the abyss dungeon once again. I have contacted Amazon support and their response is that “we have asked the technical support team and they advise that they won’t give weekly abyss dungeon access right back, but they are working to stabilize the servers issue.” (You can also reach Amazon game support which isn’t common and I will link that down below as well, as them yourselves.)

Now, I don’t blame the support team in any way since they are doing what they are told by their manager. Managers are the problem, because there is a fix; its just that they don’t want to deal with the huge number of players who are suffering each day and week. Hey you can always play in EU West which will be dead server in a month or two.

Here’s the solution to the servers and all our problems in my opinion. Next week servers will be better simple because of the number of players who are trying to log in will be way… way less than what it is now. Why? Because Elden Ring is coming out and WoW has a new patch 9.2. So it will be fixed by then 2 weeks tops. But hey that’s just my opinion what do I know.

Here are the links to the solved problem;
[Disconnection from Abyss Dungeon Locked Out](solved forum post 1)
[Issue fixed, please ignore](solved forum post 2)

Here’s the link to Amazon game support if you want to talk to them one by one;

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