Amazon is NOT providing new entry ticket for those who lost the entry count because of maintenance

See attached. Speechless.

Same here. They had a maintenance on Friday night in the week of Valtan release and did not inform people the risk of being locked out if you did not quit the dungeon before they put down server. And these guys put down server 90 seconds before planned. lol.

This is a in-game BUG, and we players should NOT be responsible for this. After 1000+hrs play time I am disappointed.

Its same as argos.They did inform about maintanance so why did you not quit ?? you did ignore it and now you cry?? Gg hope you enjoy it next week.

I hope you get disconnected next week :)) The issue here is they are not granting reentry even when the players did not get the rewards no matter what reason they have - electritcity outage, internet problem AND maintenance. seriously you think this is okay?

Wow. So maintanance = you need to quit dungeon. Give me a clear picture where Amazon stated you need to be out of raid before maintanance otherwise you will lose your entry count. Or, give me another game name that has the same issue with, , and I will just shut my mouth.

Maintanance = server down. No matter where the character is at the time the server goes down, it should not matter.


There is a maintenance announce hours before it happen but you dont exit the dungeon/raid ? … and you cry for others to fix your mistake ? … yeah …no .

What’s wrong with trying to kill the boss before the emergency maintenance one day after the new patch comes out?

I’m always trying to play around the game clock and there were a few times I just missed events, which I would never complain about.

This is different, the entry count is gone when we did not get the reward and that’s not our problem.

This is just sad. People trying to victim blame. A lot of people got locked out because of the second emergency maintenance…

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Yeah maybe it’s just hard to ask for empathy online…I think this reflects a huge problem that AGS have been ignoring for a long time. I’m one of the players who’s never aware of the lockout issue before this and I don’t think it’s fair for anyone.

Yeh Its not fair.But they did send the pop up about maintanance.

Did the pop up say you need to be out of raid or you will lose your entry count? Does the entry count require a ticket and I just used that ticket to enter raid? MAINTANANCE does not and should not mean losing your ticket while in the dungeon at the time of maintanance. Dont you get that ?

Why were you In a dungeon/raid before maintanance?the warning was there so you have time to leave.So you dont start new run etc.

why are you in my post? can you get out please?

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Wish you good night.Still i hope that you can get the ticket.

There are plenty of us over here in NA West who got no notice at all. They restarted Mari server out of nowhere and gave us only 60 seconds notice. Anyone who had a Mari party member or were in Mari themselves lost their entry and we have not received any compensation at all.

60 seconds notice, and it’s not even at the top of your screen. Just a tiny chat message. Literally nobody in the middle of Valtan will be able to end in time and leave before getting kicked.

60 second is bad.If they did restart it like that then you need the re-entry.

honestly, they need to improve the disconnect clause and just include maintenance too it
it doesn’t really matter if there’s a banner or not the raid wasn’t cleared and a disconnect from server happened

Couldn’t agree any more… our entire team was on gate 2,last nine bars to be exact… Eevrybody is busy staying alive and hit skill button like crazy… 60 seconds, are you kidding me AGS? Ok, put in another perspective… I’m not in a dungeon, just doing nothing looking at my screen, then I go to the bathroom for a minute or two, and I could completly miss the notice. Point is, 60 sec of notice is too short to be awared for anybody. AGS, I know you are trying to do damage control and restart/shut down the server ASAP, but who’s going to control the damage that inflicting on us !? I mean, let’s stay together and make sure our voice is being heard. WE DESERVE BETTER!

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nothing new… they never refunded tickets, only the automated system