Amazon needs to start merging servers

This is Aldebaran in US East at 7:00 pm, there’s 6 people total in Asura island, no I didn’t end in an empty channel, this was all the people waiting for it; this is what I would expect at 1:00 am, not at prime time.

This server is already struggling in population and we are 1 month after launch.

I went to Tarsila a little earlier than this and there was 5 people there, Tarsila drops a Giant’s Heart so it should be one of the most sought after world bosses, and yet there was barely enough people to fill 1 party for the “raid”. It’s hard to explain the misery that I feel when I’m doing an island “co-op” quest and I’m the only one there.

I have been to Death’s Hold that don’t start after the sword picking phase because there’s only 3 or so people, I have been to Medeia like 4 times and the time I saw the most people there, there was 3 people total, with a couple times me being the only one there, Orvis is killed maybe once a day and you can only do Pirate Ship once at prime time, and hope you get thrown into the one channel that actually fills and not into the one with 5 people so you wasted your weekly entry.

Aldebaran can’t be the only server already struggling with population, seeing that only 4 servers out of like 15 are ever “Busy” in US East.

So yeah, Amazon better start asking Smilegate for server merging tech if it’s not already there, because as this is going there will be a dozen or so dead servers just a couple months after release. Most people would likely just stop playing instead of paying to transfer to one of the healthy servers.

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Nothing will change sorry for you.


Stop confusing Smilegate as Amazon. Amazon developed zero percent of this game. They are the publishers. They provide the pr and severs. They DO NOT manage the game.

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This is literally a server issue, that you yourself just said Amazon provides, so this is an issue Amazon has to solve. If the tech to merge servers doesn’t exist they have to start asking for it to be made right now, just like they asked for tech for server regions and for characters to get browned.

No, they provide the servers. They don’t manage them like that. That is Smilegate that makes game decisions like merging in game servers. Amazon again just provides them the servers and does pr/marketing. Just like it was Smilegate that opened the servers on launch days they decide when they don’t need them. Server mergers aren’t just copy and paste we’re done. Just like it takes hours to prepare and launch a server it takes way more time to merge 2 together. There is a lot of backend and behind the scenes work required for that. I can sure you it’s on their list but not top priority atm.