Amazon, now that you fixed your shop, maybe now you can start fixing the game's issues?

Since the shop was the first thing not working that got fixed (hey Bezos need his second Yacht right ?), maybe you can start fixing the game now ?

-Fixing matchmaking not working after 2 P.M.
-Fixing lags.
-Giving away free migrations for players that are in congested areas to populate new EU servers (cause we are obviously not going to throw away 5 days of play because you are incompetent).
-Start communicating more. There is nothing more frustrating than devs who don’t communicate about issues. It’s okay to no be able to act right away, but at least LET PEOPLE KNOW ! Not communicating just gives the impression that you don’t give a rat fuck !

For Christ’s sake Amazon, you are dripping money, you have so much that you could wipe your asses with money bills yet you are at your second MMO’s catastrophic launch.

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