Amazon please help my friend

Amazon, you blocked my friend’s account by mistake he is a level 1500 fighting master, he has level 1460 Minstl and four other classes above level 1445, don’t discriminate against him because his personal information is black, OK, he loves this game, he and I fight every day on this continent, please unblock it you should target robots, Not someone who likes the game.
His ID:Nqds 1500 level combat master

CM cannot help. Gotta go through appeals and hope it works

He tried to write a lot of email appeals but failed and the administrator said that the reason was a violation of the third regulation but he did not foul :face_exhaling:

Yeah i know. Appeal system is as garbage as it gets. But it is the only way to affect your friends account. CM cannot help at all with ban appeals. They do not have the tools

that’s too bad. Maybe it’s because too many robots make Amazon inefficient, but it shouldn’t hurt the average player by dealing with robots in large areas

aparently they using a cheap algorithm to ban ppl so if you get some rmt gold from the market or busses you are done

My friend sent me gold coins when I was beefing up my equipment. I don’t know if that counts as RMT … *On the day of his lockdown he kept going offline and logging back in

On that day you might know that Lostark’s online population dropped from 300,000 to 70,000 who knows what Amazon did

the algorithm must be really cheap then to ban any gold transaction between 2 players

If that’s the case, what’s the use of email and trading…

two weeks ago his father passed away and he quit his job and all his efforts at Lostark have been in vain and according to him he has appealed seven emails but Amazon has upheld all of their previous decisions and I don’t know how to comfort him

This starts to feel like a troll.

did a meteor also destroy his car by an bot sorceress.

Im not kidding. I swear bor

lol I also have a ban, see you in four months, they don’t want to listen, I did carry people

four months of lockdown? The reason is carry people?

You can get some Gold with Bus’ing but if I see someone with full Lv10 Gems and 1520+ i also think in first “RMT or Cash of Doom”

If you dont RMT you can surely send the Payment Bills (Steam) to the Amazon Admins.

I got black gold as everyone knows they don’t want to listen to logic right now I’m the bad guy. I’ve already thought about retiring because it’s sad

my friend was in six cars carry the day he was locked down. 1400G per car…

yes, he uploaded the document