Amazon Pls region change

Is there any chance that I can transfer my progress from my region to another? The truth is that I have come a long way and I don’t want to lose all my progress. my friends play in another region than mine. :c

buy up all the books on eu for cheap get your +12 engravings then transfer to NA or buy up a million fish for cheap on the cheapest region then transfer to NA and sell them 35g a stack.

^^^^^^^^^ the exact reason why region transfers will probably never be a thing.

Server transfers maybe as it was being tested in KR but I highly doubt region transfers. Seems like you’re just gonna have to start all over to play with your friends or wait a few months till we get the hyper express/punika pass.

I have seen the difference in the value of the items, and there is not a big difference.
Also, I would prefer my account to be in (review) without being able to enter the game for a week to avoid those attempts to earn more, than to do everything again.

I don’t even want it to be free, it could be a paid service from the company just like in league of legends.