Amazon plz make the good choice for EU serv

Hello @Roxx

I’ve been waiting for the trixion server since 4pm, and after 1 crash and 1 blocking of the queue counter at 7000+, I decided to go elsewhere to look at how the lives of other players were going.

What was my surprise when I saw that only EU servers have a queue.

There are currently more players in the EU queue than players disconnected from the game.

This research has still allowed me to relativize my judgment on the launch of the game that I considered disastrous until then but objectively, 80% of the players who paid for the game can currently play it without problems and this a good result for which I can only congratulate you.

Once this is said, it will still be necessary to analyze and predict the effect of the work you have undertaken on the dynamics of the queues.

You will open new servers in a new EU bis region.

This will satisfy potential new players who have not yet started the game, i.e. a maximum of 20% of your players (260,000 players out of 1300,000) because the others are already playing on their servers.

In these 260,000 players there are some who have already started their characters and who will not want to change servers because their friends are on the servers that are currently full. I have as proof that not all EU servers are full but these players don’t go on these servers and prefer to stay in the queues…

We are therefore going from 260,000 people potentially concerned to a maximum of 135,000 people (I am talking about disconnected people currently whose choice we do not know).

If you want to motivate a change of server, it will be necessary that the reward for those agreeing to leave is equal to the loss suffered by these players. Simply promising a new funder pack is clearly not enough and all the work you’re doing just won’t serve if you only rely on that.

I hope that at the same time you are also working to increase the capacity of these servers because it is the only credible solution that does not disadvantage anyone.

After the loss of a lot of hours of play and because of this fact the loss of crystal clear aura, the delay compared to my friends on the game, the nervousness and frustration generated by the current situation, I hope that you will make the right choices allowing us all to play this game properly.